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VOICE TONE EMERGENCY LOUDSPEAKERS LISTED Series Patented Emergency Loudspeakers Available in 8 Ohm 70.7V and 25V Versions Units Meet or Exceed UL Standard 1480 for Fire Protective Signaling Systems when Used Compatible Control Equipment Durable Die Cast Water Sealed Housings Withstand Vandalism Vermin Moisture Corrosion Vibration Easy and Low Cost Installation Via Standard E O Boxes Choose from Surface or Recessed Models in Red or Neutral Gray Finish All Models Produce High Level Output Optimum Intelligibility and Effective Dispersion Ideal for Reliable Voice Tone Signaling in Public Area Emergency Communications and Industrial Applications patented UL Listed Voice Tone audible signaling devices in protective warning and systems for public area emergency communications and as communication system in multi occupancy and extended space areas i e high rise residences public healthcare and educational facilities shopping areas athletic clubs transportation All units are suitable for stationary or mobile use indoors or outdoors High power models are ideal for use in commercial and heavy duty industrial applications used with compatible control equipment VT VTF Series comply with UL Standard 1480 for Fire Protective Signaling Systems and California State Fire Marshal Title 19 with special modifications to meet New York City MEA Calendar no 57 74 SA and UL are also available as standard product Contact factory for proper model designation price DESCRIPTION proven performance patented VT VTF Series have earned worldwide acclaim for reliability These cost effective units offer compact size functional flexibility optimum effective sound distribution and high level output All models contain a high compression driver with maximum acoustic conversion efficiency A quality which number of units needed to attain specified sound pressure levels and provides sub savings in amplification power requirements and labor costs Die cast water sealed withstands vandalism vermin moisture corrosion and vibration during indoor outdoor use Selection includes a basic 8 ohm version and 70.7 or 25 volt transformer with DC blocking capacitor C where noted All models terminate via barrier strips Series models are surface mount units VTF Series are flush mount units for recessed VT Series mounts standard 4 E O Boxes VTF Series mount 4 or 411 SQ and require model AR or MR adapter rings respectively order separately mounting accessories are offered including indoor and outdoor enclosures a housing adapter plates and rings Suffix model with color Red R or Neutral N Ex VT 157UCS Series Series subject to change without notice JACK MCKAY BLVD ENNIS TEXAS 75119 U S A TELEPHONE 800 876 3333 FAX 800 765 3435 2001 Atlas Sound LP in U S A VTF SERIES ACCESSORIES ORDER SEPARATELY SE Surface mounting exterior backbox provides weatherproof installation for VT Series Unit is tapped for 1 conduit and includes a weatherproof gasket Dimensions SQ x 2 D 108 x 51mm Weight is 75 lbs 35 kg Housing is die cast zinc finished in a epoxy Suffix model with color designation Red R or Neutral Gray N SI Surface mounting indoor backbox for SVT Series models mounts to any single or backbox for concealed conduit applications CRS unit includes 1 conduit knock three on each side five on rear Epoxy finished surface Dimensions 4 SQ x 11 D x 38mm Weight is 7 lbs 3 kg Suffix model with color designation Red R or Neutral N TVTA Twin housing for bi directional mounting of two independently powered VT models Unit is recommended for wall or ceiling installation in corridors and walkways unit includes 23 D 70mm housing with base and adapter plate for parallel mounting to 4 SQ or single gang electrical backbox for distortion free bi directional projection Weight 1.5 lbs 7 kg Suffix model with color designation Red R or Neutral Gray N COVER VTC Baffle cover converts Model TVTA above into a uni directional unit for single installations Die cast zinc construction is finished in baked epoxy and is identical the VT Series loudspeaker housing Dimensions 41 SQ x 17 D 108mm x 48mm Weight 5 lbs 2 kg Suffix model with color designation Red R or Neutral Gray N PLATES SFP Semi flush adapter plate mounts behind VT Series to cover any recessed 4 SQ x D 102mm x 38mm outlet box CRS wall plate is stamped and painted Dimensions 6 SQ x D 152mm x 6mm Weight is 5 lbs 2 kg Suffix model with color designation Red R or Gray N FP Flush adapter plate for VTF Series loudspeakers allows recessed mounting to stan 411 119mm backboxes Unit is also suited to mount solid exterior or hollow interior wall where a backbox is not required Weight is 4 lbs 18 kg Unit is of CRS stamped not painted RINGS AR Adapter ring for recessed mounting of VTF Series units Welded steel collar is SQ x 2 D 103mm x 51mm to provide necessary extension for any 4 SQ x 21 D x 54mm E O box Weight is 6 lbs 27 kg When assembled the unit is 31 and will fit in a standard 4 stud wall Assembly includes four clips Finished in gray MR Overlapping extension ring is equipped with clips for recessed mounting of VTF models Welded steel collar is 411 SQ I D x 2 D 119mm x 51mm to provide exten for any 411 SQ O D x 21 D 119mm x 54mm backbox When assembled the unit is deep and will fit in a standard 4 stud wall Assembly includes four clips Weight is 7 3 kg Finished in neutral gray subject to change without notice JACK MCKAY BLVD ENNIS TEXAS 75119 U S A TELEPHONE 800 876 3333 FAX 800 765 3435 2001 Atlas Sound LP in U S A LOUDSPEAKER SPECIFICATIONS TAPS DISPERSION Without transformer 8 ohm impedance 3dB increment rating 8 Ohms 8 4 2 8 4 2 V V V 1 2 1 4 Hz Hz 5dB 6dB pt and 2 kHz 90dB watt 10 feet Series Lbs 1.5 kg Series SQ x 3 1 4 D 152 x 83mm Lbs 1.5 kg mfd mfd mfd mfd mfd 190 watt 1 meter SQ x 3 1 4 D 108 x 83mm LEVEL REFERENCE INDEX FOR VT AND VTF SERIES LOUDSPEAKERS ON UL RATING OF 90dB AT 1 WATT 10 FEET 3.0 m 6.1 m 9.1 m 12.2 m 15.2 m INPUT INPUT INPUT INPUT INPUT INPUT INPUT VTF SERIES Are Normalized to Zero on Axis VTF SERIES Harmonic Distortion 1 watt 1 meter VTF SERIES FREQUENCY RESPONSE AND ENGINEER SPECIFICATIONS Series Audible signalling device shall be Atlas Sound Model surface mount or VTF flush recessed mount Con power rating shall be 15 8 4 2 1 1 2 1 4 watts at power Frequency response shall be 600 to 5500 Hz 5dB shall be 96.9dB at 1 watt 1 meter Sound pressure level be at a distance of see Sound Level Index Dispersion shall be greater than 190 6dB point and 2 kHz octave bands Model shall be water moisture sealed and of die cast zinc Unit shall operate within the temperature of 150 66 to 30 35 VT Series shall be installed a standard 4 SQ E O Box Atlas Sound Model SFP semi plate Model SE surface exterior backbox or Models TVTA and bi directional housing and baffle cover VTF Series shall be in a standard 4 or 4 11 16 SQ backbox using Sound Model AR MR overlapping extension ring shall be VT Series 4 1 4 SQ x 3 1 4 D 108 x 83mm Series 6 SQ x 3 1 4 D 15

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