Ditek 1 Voice-Data-Signal Quick Reference

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1 800 753 2345 Surge Solutions Reference Guide Voice Data Signal DATA SIGNAL PART Series Series Pair Modular Surge Protection Field Replaceable with or without Base Are Available for 5V 12V 24V 36V 48V And 75V Circuits 2 Pair Modular Telco Line Surge Protection with or without Base Mounting Base for All DTK 2MHLP and DTK 2MHTP Products to Mount 1 2 3 4 or 5 2MHLP Modules w Common Ground Voltage Line Protection Terminal Strip Connections 22 16 AWG in 1 2 4 or 8 Pairs Prefix 1 2 4 or 8LVLP different voltage levels protect 5V 130V circuits voltage key below 14 10 AWG Wires Specify DTK LVLAWG Models POINT IDC NAC 4 20mA Loops Lines And Circuits Loops Series Installation 66 Block or 110 Block Punch Down Surge Protection P Series is available in different models to protect 1 2 4 6 8 12 or block pairs with one unit Seven different voltage levels protect 5V 130V see voltage key below Block Block Multiple Voltages A 66 Block Series Pair RJ21X Amphenol In Out Surge Protection with 150mA Self Fuse Six voltage levels protect 12V 130V circuits voltage codes LV OPX SPK SGR and RUV see voltage key below Lines Series Series Series Block Snap On Protection 150mA Models or 2A Models Current Available Voltages 14 30 50 130V Block Snap On Protection w Diagnostic LED Models Continuous Current Available Voltages 30 50 95 130V Ground Bar Single Point Ground for up to 25 Pairs with DTK S Series And DTK SL Series 2 or 5 Pair RJ11 RJ14 or RJ45 In Out Modular Jack Protection Available in 7 Voltage Levels for 5V 130V Circuits see voltage key below Models or 2A Station Station Systems Block Data Telco Pair RJ45 In Out Modular Jack Protection Gigabit Ethernet Data Rate Equip over Ethernet Surge Protection RJ45 In Out 100mbps Data Rate Four Pairs Protect Both Power and Data POE Ready IP Phones Control Equip Port 1U Rack Mount Surge Protected Patch Panel 100mbps Data Rate Block RJ45 In Out Rooms Installs Port 2U Rack Mount Protector Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 In Out Switch Port 2U Rack Mount Power Over Ethernet Protector In Out All Four Pairs Per Jack Protect Power Data POE Ready Data Rate Channel Rack Mount Scalable Surge Protection System with Modular For RS232 RS485 Analog and Digital Video Systems and Max up to 12 Ports Per Face Plate Using Rj45 and BNC Modules www ditekcorp com for specific part numbers and configurations End Rack

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