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DTK 2MHTP Voice Line Surge Protection Product Specifications 2MHTP voice surge protectors robust protection in a compact Designed for ease of installation convenient field replaceable modules 2MHTP protects two telco circuit pairs module Features Hybrid design delivers high peak surge current and reliable voltage clamping for peak Hard wire mounting base Field replaceable hot swappable modular edge connection design Designed to protect 130V voice data circuits Two pairs protected per module when used mounting base DTK MB10 modules can ganged to protect up to ten pairs with a ground Guide with mounting base Hardwire Mounting Base Features Approvals UL497A Method Module Plug into 10 position card base Method Base 12 AWG stranded wire screw terminals Current 150mA Surge Current 14,000 A 8 20 impulse Mode L G All Time 5 nanoseconds 130 VDC Clamp 200 VDC Module 2.1 x 1.6 x 1.0 x 41mm x 25mm Module with Base 4.5 x 1.75 x 3.00 x 45mm x 76mm 6 oz 18g without base 1.2 oz 36g with base ABS Ten Year Limited Warranty DITEK Center Starkey Road FL 33771 Support 1 888 472 6100 Number SPS 100011 001 Rev 5 10 07 DITEK Corp Subject to Change

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