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System Design 101 White Paper 1 of 2 today electronics becoming smaller more sensitive and more expensive no one can escape the need quality surge protection Every day hundreds of short duration voltage surges some potentially larger than volts can enter your business These surges are also referred to as or Because last for a very short time generally less than 1 1,000 of a second these surges do not always destroy equipment Sometimes they may only cause your computer screen to flicker Other times you may be with a smoking wreck where your newest CNC machine was The most costly result of these small surges the wear and tear they put on all electronics Your computer controlled machinery could last up to 30 with the proper protection In fact most manufacturing equipment including lathes inserters extrusion welders and of course robotics now have micro processor controls When you look at the cost of all the electronics in a business not to mention the lost revenue if the systems are down proper protection is the only intelligent option is the most recognized cause of power surges Your local power company is unfortunately the common Also responsible for voltage spikes are local industrial facilities and even the machines and condensers in your own building The rule states that roughly 2 of the surge related to electronics is caused by direct lightning The remaining 98 comes from other sources protection should be divided into two environments Power and Data Telecom When recommending protection for electrical power focus should be placed on the most recognized standard in the industry C62.41 1991 Application Guidelines for Transient Voltage Surge Suppression This standard a building into three categories A B C Category C is defined as the service entrance or main Category B is at the distribution and sub panel environment and Category A is at individual or wall outlets Maximum protection requires a surge suppressor at each one of these locations and minimum protection requires a surge suppressor at two of the locations which feed the sensitive a basic approach start at the sensitive equipment and work backwards For example if the sensitive is located in an x ray room and fed from a 225A panel we would recommend a Category B device the 225A panel The voltage configuration will vary depending on the service voltage coming into the If the 225A panel is fed from a 1200A main distribution panel we would recommend a Category C at the 1200A panel The theory involves the Category C device dissipating the majority of the transient the main distribution panel The Category B device will dissipate transient let through from the Category C and also any internally generated transients such as from inductive load switching The transient let can be dissipated even further by installing a Category A device plug in or hard wire suppressor at equipment however with two stages of panel protection clamp levels can be achieved below 300 volts 120 208 volt applications can give a 100 guarantee of safety when dealing with transient surges Lightning does not follow UL waveforms and when an open neutral event occurs at your local utility line voltage can remain at than twice nominal for several minutes DITEK Center Starkey Road FL 33771 Direct 1 727 812 5000 Support 1 888 472 6100 Number STS 100005 001 Rev 1 10 07 DITEK Corp Subject to Change Design 101 White Paper 2 of 2 a decent installation short straight leads and a good ground one level of protection should stop at 90 of a major surge The sub panel protector will see only 10 of the original surge With a 90 there is now less than 1 of the surge left A third stage of protection will increase the dissipation 99.9 can easily enter data telecom lines just as they can electric power lines and damage sensitive equipment Some basic information needed before applying data telecom suppression is Maximum continuous operating voltage dc of data lines Number and size of wires to protect Allowable resistance for the data line Location of data line inside or outside Speed of data line capacitance Type of connection products cover an array of power and data telecom applications including service entrance distribution sub panels individual equipment and data lines DITEK manufactures over 1000 surge protection to fit virtually any application Some of the applications DITEK products are used on are Electrical Panels Main and Sub panels Fire and Burglar Alarm Systems Telephone KSU and PBX Systems Computers Power Modem Network Cable Data Cat5 6 ISDN DID DSL Ethernet and More CCTV Cameras Residential Whole House protection unique features about DITEK products are Ten Year Limited Warranty High Surge Current handling Easy and Fast Installation Competitive Cost Meets Industry Standards Contains Suppression Between All Modes L N L G L L N G DITEK Center Starkey Road FL 33771 Direct 1 727 812 5000 Support 1 888 472 6100 Number STS 100005 001 Rev 1 10 07 DITEK Corp Subject to Change

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