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DTK RM16C5 Ethernet 16 Channel Rack Mount Surge Protector Product Specifications outages surges and voltage transients on data lines can be deadly to network DITEK DTK RM16C5 rack mount surge protector features individually surge protection modules for each data channel The 16 channel DTK RM16C5 pass Gigabit Ethernet data without signal degradation Features Reduces network equipment downtime and failure from voltage surges Protects 16 RJ45 connected CAT 5e lines in a 2U height rack mount package SAD technology provides optimal circuit protection Single point ground improves protection and speeds installation Connection Method RJ45 8 wire In Out Max Data Rate CAT 5e Gigabit Ethernet Attenuation 1dB pair maximum Near End Crosstalk 39.3dB pair maximum Protection Modes All Lines Ground Dimensions 3.5 x 19.0 W x 1.4 x 483mm x 36mm Data In Out 5V Type Voltage Clamping Surge Current Weight 1.25 pounds 57kg Housing Aluminum Warranty Ten Year Limited Warranty DITEK Center Starkey Road FL 33771 Direct 1 727 812 5000 Support 1 888 472 6100 Number SPS 100053 001 Rev 1 6 08 DITEK Corp Subject to Change

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