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This manual contains information on limitations regarding product use and function and information on the as to liability of the manufacturer The entire manual should be carefully read Version 2.4ZD v1.3 and higher Please Read Carefully to Installers warning contains vital information As the only individual in contact with system users it is your to bring each item in this warning to the attention of the users of this system Failures system has been carefully designed to be as effective as possible There are circumstances however fire burglary or other types of emergencies where it may not provide protection Any alarm sys of any type may be compromised deliberately or may fail to operate as expected for a variety of reasons but not all of these reasons may be Inadequate Installation security system must be installed properly in order to provide adequate protection Every installation be evaluated by a security professional to ensure that all access points and areas are covered Locks latches on windows and doors must be secure and operate as intended Windows doors walls ceilings other building materials must be of sufficient strength and construction to provide the level of protection A reevaluation must be done during and after any construction activity An evaluation by the fire police department is highly recommended if this service is available Criminal Knowledge system contains security features which were known to be effective at the time of manufacture It is for persons with criminal intent to develop techniques which reduce the effectiveness of these fea It is important that a security system be reviewed periodically to ensure that its features remain effec and that it be updated or replaced if it is found that it does not provide the protection expected Access by Intruders may enter through an unprotected access point circumvent a sensing device evade detection by through an area of insufficient coverage disconnect a warning device or interfere with or prevent proper operation of the system Power Failure units intrusion detectors smoke detectors and many other security devices require an adequate supply for proper operation If a device operates from batteries it is possible for the batteries to fail if the batteries have not failed they must be charged in good condition and installed correctly If a operates only by AC power any interruption however brief will render that device inoperative while does not have power Power interruptions of any length are often accompanied by voltage fluctuations may damage electronic equipment such as a security system After a power interruption has occurred conduct a complete system test to ensure that the system operates as intended Failure of Replaceable Batteries system wireless transmitters have been designed to provide several years of battery life under normal The expected battery life is a function of the device environment usage and type Ambient con such as high humidity high or low temperatures or large temperature fluctuations may reduce the battery life While each transmitting device has a low battery monitor which identifies when the need to be replaced this monitor may fail to operate as expected Regular testing and maintenance keep the system in good operating condition Compromise of Radio Frequency Wireless Devices may not reach the receiver under all circumstances which could include metal objects placed on or the radio path or deliberate jamming or other inadvertent radio signal interference System Users user may not be able to operate a panic or emergency switch possibly due to permanent or temporary disability inability to reach the device in time or unfamiliarity with the correct operation It is that all system users be trained in the correct operation of the alarm system and that they know to respond when the system indicates an alarm Smoke Detectors detectors that are a part of this system may not properly alert occupants of a fire for a number of rea some of which follow The smoke detectors may have been improperly installed or positioned Smoke not be able to reach the smoke detectors such as when the fire is in a chimney walls or roofs or on the side of closed doors Smoke detectors may not detect smoke from fires on another level of the resi or building fire is different in the amount of smoke produced and the rate of burning Smoke detectors cannot all types of fires equally well Smoke detectors may not provide timely warning of fires caused by or safety hazards such as smoking in bed violent explosions escaping gas improper storage of materials overloaded electrical circuits children playing with matches or arson if the smoke detector operates as intended there may be circumstances when there is insufficient warn to allow all occupants to escape in time to avoid injury or death Motion Detectors detectors can only detect motion within the designated areas as shown in their respective installation They cannot discriminate between intruders and intended occupants Motion detectors do not volumetric area protection They have multiple beams of detection and motion can only be detected unobstructed areas covered by these beams They cannot detect motion which occurs behind walls ceil floor closed doors glass partitions glass doors or windows Any type of tampering whether intentional unintentional such as masking painting or spraying of any material on the lenses mirrors windows or other part of the detection system will impair its proper operation infrared motion detectors operate by sensing changes in temperature However their effectiveness be reduced when the ambient temperature rises near or above body temperature or if there are intentional unintentional sources of heat in or near the detection area Some of these heat sources could be heaters stoves barbeques fireplaces sunlight steam vents lighting and so on Warning Devices devices such as sirens bells horns or strobes may not warn people or waken someone sleeping if is an intervening wall or door If warning devices are located on a different level of the residence or then it is less likely that the occupants will be alerted or awakened Audible warning devices may interfered with by other noise sources such as stereos radios televisions air conditioners or other appli or passing traffic Audible warning devices however loud may not be heard by a hearing impaired Telephone Lines telephone lines are used to transmit alarms they may be out of service or busy for certain periods of time an intruder may cut the telephone line or defeat its operation by more sophisticated means which may difficult to detect Insufficient Time may be circumstances when the system will operate as intended yet the occupants will not be pro from the emergency due to their inability to respond to the warnings in a timely manner If the system monitored the response may not occur in time to protect the occupants or their belongings Component Failure every effort has been made to make this system as reliable as possible the system may fail to func as intended due to the failure of a component Inadequate Testing problems that would prevent an alarm system from operating as intended can be found by regular test and maintenance The complete system should be tested weekly and immediately after a break in an break in a fire a storm an earthquake an accident or any kind of construction activity inside or the premises The testing should include all sensing devices keypads consoles alarm indicating and any other operational devices that are part of the system Security and Insurance of its capabilities an alarm system is not a substitute for property or life insurance An alarm sys also is not a substitute for property owners renters or other occupants to act prudently to prevent or the harmful effects of an emergency situation Warranty Security Controls Ltd warrants the original purchaser that for a period of twelve months from the of purchase the product shall be free of defects in materials and workmanship under normal use Dur the warranty period Digital Security Controls Ltd shall at its option repair or replace any defective upon return of the product to its factory at no charge for labour and materials Any replacement and repaired parts are warranted for the remainder of the original warranty or ninety 90 days whichever is The original purchaser must promptly notify Digital Security Controls Ltd in writing that there is in material or workmanship such written notice to be received in all events prior to expiration of the period There is absolutely no warranty on software and all software products are sold as a user under the terms of the software license agreement included with the product The Customer assumes responsibility for the proper sele

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