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Installation Instructions Instructions d Installatiehandleiding Istruzioni per l v1.2 Fran Nederlands Italiano Please refer to the System Installation Manual for information on limitations regarding product use and function and information on the limitations as to liability of the manufacturer These instructions shall be used in conjunction with the system Installation Manual of the Control Panel with which this equipment is intended to be used Ce manuel contient des informations sur les restrictions concernant le fonctionnement et l du produit et des informations sur les restrictions en ce qui concerne la responsabilit du fabricant La totalit du manuel doit lu Ce manuel doit utilis en conjonction avec le Manuel d du Panneau de contr Raadpleeg de installatiehandleiding van het systeem voor informatie over beperkingen m b t productgebruik en functie en informatie over de beperkingen m b t aansprakelijkheid van de fabrikant Deze instructies dienen te worden gebruikt in combinatie met de installatiehandleiding van het systeem van de centrale waarmee deze apparatuur gebruikt wordt Fare riferimento al manuale di installazione del sistema per avere informazioni sui limiti riguardanti l e il funzionamento del prodotto nonch sui limiti di responsabilit del produttore Le presenti istruzioni devono essere impiegate in combinazione con il manuale d del sistema della centrale di controllo con il quale si intende utilizzare l 9 0 0 7 7 9 9 R0 0 1 Instructions PK55XX keypads can be used on security systems with to 64 zones These keypads are compatible with the latest version the folllowing DSC security systems RFK55XX keypads combine a wireless receiver with the respective keypad Temperature range 10 to 55 14 to 131 Temperature for UL ULC 0 to 49 32 to 120 Humidity MAX 93 R H Plastic enclosure protection degree IP30 IK04 Voltage rating 12VDC nominal Connects to control panel via 4 wire Keybus 1 keypad zone input PGM output PK55XX Current draw 50mA standby 125mA maximum RFK55XX Current draw 75mA standby 135mA maximum Wall mount tamper 5 programmable function keys Ready Green LED Armed Red LED Trouble Yellow LED AC LED Low temperature sensor Frequency 433.92MHz RFK55XX 433 868MHz RFK55XX 868 Up to 32 wireless zones RFK55XX Only Zone not to be programmed as Fire type or 24h type Power keypad package includes the following parts Power keypad mounting screws end of line resistors should mount the keypad where it is accessible to designated of entry and exit Once you have selected a dry and secure loca perform the following steps to mount the keypad inner door labels tamper switch Instructions Keypad Insert a flat head screwdriver into the provided slot first of two Move screwdriver toward the back plastic and lift as in the below This will unhook one side of the front plastic Repeat step 1 and 2 on the second provided slot to disconnect front plastic and allow access for wiring engage and Wire Keypad Out Slot Out Out to Snap Secure Keypad to wall using mounting holes Use all 4 screws provided mounting on a single gang box Place keypad into hooks on the backplate and swing down to engage Run wire through wiring slot or knockouts Connect Keybus and PGM Zone to keypad Place tamper switch into tamper hole on backplate Remove keypad from hooks Place keypad into backplate ensure the wire pushed back into the wall as much as possible Route the wire inside keypad ensuring high components are avoided Snap the front assem closed ensuring that there is no pressure to the keypad from the wire If any tension found between the front keypad assembly and wiring open the keypad reroute the wire and close again Repeat these until the keypad is closed properly Before wiring the unit ensure that all AC transformer and battery is dis from the control panel Connect the four Keybus wires from the con panel red black yellow and green to keypad terminals Refer to diagram zone or output If programmed as an input you can con a device such as a door contact to terminal of the keypad This eliminates the need to run wires to the control panel for the device To connect the zone run one wire the device to the terminal and the other wire from the device to B black terminal For powered devices run the red wire to the R terminal and the black wire to the B negative terminal When end of line supervision connect the zone according to one of the outlined in your system Installation Manual If the terminal is programmed as an output the output follows the programmed in Section 080 A small relay buzzer or other DC device may be connected between the positive supply voltage the terminal maximum load is 50mA Option 4 For UL Residential Fire Installations use at least one additional DSC keypad in conjunction with an RFK55XX keypad or install the keypads within 3 feet from the control unit and mechanically pro the keybus wires Power all wiring is complete and the equipment is secured to the building with at least two screws apply power to the control panel Connect the battery leads to the battery Connect the AC transformer more information on control panel power specifications see the control Installation Manual the Keypad are several programming available for the keypad are described below Pro the keypad is similar programming the rest of the When you are in the key programming sections the will display which are turned on along the of the display To turn an on or off press the num corresponding to the option the number pad The numbers of the options that are currently turned will be displayed For example if options 1 and 4 are on the display look like diagram shown on the different keypad displays information on programming the rest of your security system please to your system Installation Manual LCD Labels LCD programming is done per keypad If more than one LCD keypad is on the system labels programmed at one keypad can be broadcast all other LCD keypads Perform the following procedure in order to broad labels 1 Program one LCD keypad completely 2 Make sure all LCD keypads are connected to the Keybus 3 Enter keypad programming by pressing then enter section 998 at the keypad that was programmed keypad will now broadcast all the information programmed to all the LCD keypads on the system 4 When the keypad is finished press the key to exit LCD Label broadcast from this keypad is only compatible PC1616 PC1832 PC1864 control panels and other PK5500 keypads Programming Only keys for 2 seconds to enter language programming scroll to desired language and Press to select If section 077 option 4 is OFF language programming only be performed while in installers programming the Keypad keypad will need to be assigned to a partition and slot if supervision or zones are being used Keypad assignments and keypad option pro must be done at each keypad individually 1st digit of keypad assignment is used to determine partition assign 1 to 8 If partitioning is not used enter 1 For Global Keypads 0 LED and ICON keypads cannot be programmed as Global Keypads 2nd digit of keypad assignment is used

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