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AnaLASER II Detector Sensitivity Smoke Detector HSSD Sampling Smoke Detector for Early Warning Versions Available Detector and Detector DETECTOR of Times More Sensitive than Con Smoke Detectors Sensitivity Range of 0.00075 to 0.3 ft Obscuration DETECTOR for Cleanroom Applications Times More Sensitive than the Standard De Sensitivity Range of 0.00015 to 0.03 ft Obscuration Particle Counting Technology Particle Size Discrimination Filter to 20,000 Sq Ft of Coverage Well Suited for High Air Flow Environments Programmable Alarm Levels and Two Pre Alarm Levels Color Status LED Optional LCD Display Module and History Data Stored in Non Memory Buffer Stores Up to 28 Days of Smoke Signal Processing Features Configuration Using LaserNET Software Modular design for fast and easy servicing OPTIONS with Optional Intelligent Interface Module for Systems of up to 127 Detectors with Optional AnaLASER Interface Module for 2000 6000 Addressable Loop AND APPROVALS 268 Listed for Open Area Protection and Applications 268A Listed for Duct Detection Approved Listed for Open Area Protection and Special Listed MEA Approved April 2006 1 AnaLASER II Detector with Display Module 2 AnaLASER II Detector AnaLASER II High Sensitivity Smoke Detector con of a laser particle counter detector head a high effi fan module and a termination board One AnaLASER Detector when connected to a pipe network designed Version 3 software provides coverage for area up to 20,000 sq ft AnaLASER II Detector is available in two sensitivity The standard AnaLASER II Detector with a dy sensitivity range of 0.00075 to 0.3 ft is designed early warning smoke detection applications such as tele facilities data processing facilities muse and warehouses For cleanroom applications where environment must be virtually free of air particulate developed the Ultra AnaLASER II Detector that is times more sensitive than a standard high sensitivity detector The Ultra AnaLASER II Detector has a sen range of 0.00015 to 0.03 ft holes The UL Listed FM Approved Version 3 program is used to dynamically balance the pipe The program allows greater flexibility in configuration and balances the pipe network to insure sensitivity at each sampling hole Each sample hole be considered an equivalent spot type detector with a coverage of 900 sq ft to provide UL Listed Open Protection see datasheet 89.256 AnaLASER II product line offers an array of air sam network accessories such as a sampling point capil tube rolls sampling point port and pipe labels HIGH SENSITIVITY SMOKE AnaLASER II Detector laser particle counter detects of combustion at levels of obscuration as low as This is sensitive enough to detect invisible prod of combustion such as the outgassing of plasticizers overheating PVC wire insulation and electrical compo or small changes in the ambient level of obscuration the incipient stage of a fire a combustible material reaches it ignition tempera the combustion becomes self sustaining and is called fire At temperatures much below the ignition tempera chemical reactions generate airborne particles This typically called the incipient stage of a fire and is followed visible smoke flame and finally an intense heat stage during the incipient stage allows time for correc action possibly preventing an escalation of the fire con and thus minimizing fire damage STAGE 4 Sampling Point SMOKE 3 AnaLASER II Detects Ambient Smoke in the Stage of Fire SIZE NO FILTER AnaLASER II Detector uses a high efficiency centrifu fan to draw air continuously from the protected area a piping network and through the detector head with filtration or flow restriction As a result filter mainte and loss of sensitivity due to filter clogging is concentration is determined by counting the num of discrete particles of a specific size in a given time The Detector particle size discrimination feature only a specific range of particle sizes between 0.01 10 microns to be measured and counted as products combustion Anything above or below this range is gen ignored and does not contribute to smoke signal cal This discrimination band corresponds to the center the range of all particles of combustion Dust particles are typically larger than 10 microns are ignored SAMPLING PIPE NETWORK air sampling pipe network is a system of pipes ex into the protected area with strategically placed sam 5 Sampling Point with Capillary Tube OPTIONS AnaLASER II Detector has two display options a sta LED faceplate or a Display Module The status LED is a plastic molded insert with a tricolor LED that an Alarm Pre Alarm or Trouble condition The configuration of an AnaLASER II Detector has an status LED faceplate The LED reports the follow conditions GREEN GREEN YELLOW RED RED applications where a user interface at the Detector is Fenwal offers an optional Display Module with a LCD screen The Display Module allows the user to through more detailed information such as protected smoke levels sampling pipe airflow rate and selected settings The optional display module also al limited detector control functions such as reset test isolate The Display Module can be integrated into the II Detector or externally mounted away from Detector see data sheet 89.251 ALARM PANEL INTERFACE AnaLASER II Detector is designed with the flexibility to with any fire alarm control panel There are four configurations to choose from depending on the type control panel and the number of Detectors in the system Intelligent Interface Module IIM is designed to inter a large AnaLASER II Detector network to a 2000 6000 control panel The FN 2000 com IIM is an easy to install module that plugs into the motherboard assembly inside the FN 2000 The 6000 compatible IIM is mounted in a backbox in proximity of the panel enclosure Up to 127 II Detectors can be networked together with an A computer running LaserNET Version 3 software communicate with the IIM either with a local computer from a remote computer using a modem This allows all AnaLASER II Detectors to be monitored and from a central location and saves on installation maintenance costs see data sheet 89.253 smaller networks connected to a FN 2000 or FN 6000 panel the AnaLASER II Detector can be connected the panel Signaling Line Circuit SLC using an Interface Module AIM The AIM is a circuit that plugs into an AnaLASER II Detector With an the AnaLASER II Detector operates as one of up to SmartOne devices on the addressable loop see data 89.252 AnaLASER II Detector can also interface to other fire control panels by using relay contacts inside the De Each AnaLASER II Detector is equipped with six Pre Alarm 1 Pre Alarm 2 Alarm 1 Alarm 2 Trouble Isolate which allows the Detector to directly interface the control panel that interface to a fire alarm control panel with can also be networked together with a Stand Alone This allows up to 127 AnaLASER II Detectors to be and configured from a central location The IIM has the same features as the FN 2000 IIM except for the FN 2000 interface The FN compatible IIM can also be used in Stand Alone mod see data sheet 89.254 AnaLASER II Detector is configured with LaserNET 3 software

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