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2 Wire Air Duct Smoke DH 60 2W Approvals Listing UL 268A Listed File S1064 Mutual Approved CSFM Listed 3240 1076 121 NYC MEA Listed 134 95 E City of Los Angeles Approved RR8318 Vdc Operation Connects to Fire Alarm Control Panel Initiating Cir Compatible with Fenwal Advanced Smoke Detectors Sensitivity Measurement in per foot Remote Indication Test and Reset Capabilities Easily Mounts to Round or Rectangular Ducts Wide Range of Duct Sizes and Air Velocities Clear Lexan Cover for Easy Viewing of Smoke Detec Status and Cleanliness Fenwal Series DH 60 2W Air Duct Smoke Detector designed for detecting particles of combustion in air systems The DH 60 2W Duct Detector hous accepts the Fenwal Advanced CPD 7054D Ionization PSD 7157D Photoelectric Smoke Detector Heads DH 60 2W Detector connects to the Initiating Cir of a UL Listed compatible Fire Alarm Control Panel upon detection of pre set smoke levels puts the in a state of alarm The panel may then control a of devices such as HVAC fans and dampers to the spread of smoke throughout the facility A Lexan cover over the detection chamber visual inspection of the duct detector chamber the internal smoke detector status Sampling is by sampling tubes that extend into the duct Outputs provided can accommodate remote and power indication remote test and remote Fenwal offers a range of remote accessories that in conjunction with the duct detectors Fenwal Series DH 60 Duct Detectors are suited for with HVAC systems in commercial industrial and fire alarm applications DH 60 is easily mounted to both rectangular and ducts from 8 inches 200 mm to 12 feet 3.6 m and is compatible with all ducts with air velocities 500 and 4000 feet per minute 2.5 to 20 m s May 2007 Systems UTC Fire Security Company Ionization and Photoelectric Smoke Detector heads above operate over this entire air velocity range TUBES operation of the DH 60 2W Duct Detector is based an air sampling principle Two tubes extend into the duct to transport air from inside the duct into the detector sensing chamber and back out to the duct the sampled air contains a concentration of smoke than or equal to the alarm threshold of the inter smoke detector the unit will alarm The duct detector supply sampling tube is selected according to the of the HVAC duct A separate exhaust tube is not since an integral exhaust tube is molded into the to simplify installation INDICATORS CONTROLS series of easily installed remote indicators are available add versatility and flexibility to the Fenwal Series DH 2W Duct Detectors These attractive and functional provide convenient status information along with Test Reset capabilities The remote indicators are when the detector is out of view or located in rela inaccessible locations Figure 2 shows the face of the RA 911 and RA 914 remote indicator TESTING AND SENSITIVITY Fenwal DH 60 2W Duct Detectors should be tested installation and once a year thereafter as stated in 72 All alarm signal devices releasing devices extinguishing systems as applicable should be dis before the test is performed and re engaged at conclusion of testing DH 60 Duct Detector may be functionally tested by introducing smoke into the detector or activating magnet test Two separate magnet locating slots are on the outside of the duct detector housing as stated in NFPA 72 Detector sensitivity should checked within one year of installation and every alter year thereafter Fenwal offers the Model DST 003 wireless infrared sensitivity tester that allows sensitivity of installed operating detectors to be mea from the floor level For details please refer Fen Document 06 236524 001 PLUG PLATE TUBE PORT TUBE INTO ENCLOSURE SCREW O RING HEAD OR PHOTO 1 DH 60 2W Parts Breakdown RA 911 ALARM INDICATOR RA 914 ALARM INDICATOR TEST 2 Remote Alarm Indicators 2 SPECIFICATIONS 1 and 2 list the technical specifications of the DH 60 2W Duct Detector 1 DH 60 2W Input Voltage and Current Ratings Source Voltage Vdc 36.8 Standby Standby Alarm 55 mA 60 mA mA mA a list of UL Listed compatible Fire Alarm Panels please refer to Fenwal Document F 70 63 Compatibility ID FE52A maximum alarm current is limited by the panel 2 Remote Indicator Ratings Alarm Indicator Alarm Indicator with Test mA mA mA mA in mm in mm in in mm 3 DH 60 2W Dimensions 3 Number 3 Ordering Information Detector and Housings 2W Duct Housing less Detector with Integral Exhaust Tube 2W with Advanced Photoelectric Detector PSD 7157D 2W with Advanced Ionization Detector CPD 7054D Detector Sampling Tubes in 305 mm Long Air Sampling Tube in 610 mm Long Air Sampling Tube in 1219 mm Long Air Sampling Tube in 1829 mm Long Air Sampling Tube in 2438 mm Long Air Sampling Tube in 3048 mm Long Air Sampling Tube Exhaust Tube Assembly Detector Accessories and Test Equipment Magnet Tester for Advanced CPD 7054D and PSD 7157D Heads Indicators Alarm Indicator Alarm and Test Indicator Parts for RA 914 2W Manual Ionization Detector Head Photoelectric Detector Head literature is provided for informational purposes only KIDDE FENWAL INC no responsibility for the product suitability for a particular application The must be properly applied to work correctly you need more information on this product or if you have a particular problem or ques contact KIDDE FENWAL INC Ashland MA 01721 Telephone 508 881 2000 Rev AB 2007 Kidde Fenwal Inc in USA Systems UTC Fire Security Company Main Street MA 01721 508.881.2000 508.881.8920

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