Fike D9068 Fire Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter (DACT) D9068

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Fire Alarm Systems D9068 Fire Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter DACT Fire Digital Alarm Transmitter Alarm Systems Fire Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter DACT 12 VDC or 24 VDC operation Supports multiple reporting Five user programmable input Class B Style B 100 event history buffer Dual phone line interface Program using the D7033 LCD Keypad Onboard Form C trouble relay LEDs for Heartbeat System and Phone Line Trouble per line Real time clock D9068 Fire Communicator is a complete digital alarm transmitter DACT for use with compatible alarm control panels FACPs Use dry contacts or open outputs for alarms and communications with the Input Points D9068 supports five inputs that can be activated by dry relays or open collector outputs Each of these inputs be configured for one of seven types of conditions Fire Waterflow Alarm Supervisory Monitor Alarm Fault AC Failure and Low Battery Supervision D9068 is supervised with a hardware watchdog circuit of the control program results in a hardware reset two seconds The onboard trouble relay releases for the of the reset the relay is normally held energized D9068 s EEPROM memory input points and phone are automatically tested periodically The EEPROM is verified every 10 minutes If the EEPROM fails a trouble condition is locally annunciated and trouble report sent Data Input Dialing D9068 connects through the D9052 serial module to the D10024A D9024 and D8024 analog FACPs and by point in all available formats Interface D7033 Liquid Crystal Display LCD Remote Keypad to a five pin connector option bus interface and is to program and troubleshoot the D9068 Formats D9068 supports five reporting formats Modem IIIa2 ID SIA110 SIA300 and 4 2 Routing are six different report groups that can be routed to one four phone settings These report groups consist of non alarms supervisory alarms alarm restorals supervisory restorals tests and troubles and trouble Report reset report is sent when the D9068 resets from any off condition you can rely on Products following products are compatible with the D9068 Fire ID Product Description FACP FACP FACP FACP FACP keypad Panels D7022 and Specifications interface module Fire Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter DACT Design HxWxD in x 5.1 in x 2.5 in cm x 13.1 cm x 6.4 cm lb 1.4 kg to 120 0 to 49 Considerations operating Relay Rating Requirements use power limited source alarm standby mA maximum mA maximum Form C relay onboard at 30 VDC Information Fire Digital Alarm Communicator DACT D9068 Fire Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter DACT Line Selection D9068 follows a predetermined sequence to select the phone lines It also implements the new NFPA for alternation of phone lines during test The D9068 maintains a variable that selects either Line 1 or Phone Line 2 for automatic test reports After successful test report the variable switches to select the phone line Failed Indication D9068 indicates a communication failure after ten to communicate are completed without success This the trouble output to activate and report the fault Buffer D9068 has a history buffer that retains up to 100 events event is tagged with the date and time of occurrence This can be viewed when a D7033 LCD Remote Keypad is to the D9068 When the buffer is full old events are to make room for new events Suppression and spark gaps suppress lightning surges and static for inputs and telephone interface included board enclosure red pack assembly sets telco cable assembly sets wire k EOL resistors P N 25899 and Approvals and UOXX Control Unit Accessories System 7300 0801 214 26 02 E Vol II more information please visit reserved Printed in USA 50663C 7 7 04

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