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Architect and Engineer Specification 2 or 3 bay Red or Gray S2203 3009544 Pending Red Enclosures Only 0101057 Enclosure Features common back box sizes for multiple options back box width 14.3 mounts easily most building studs removed door with only two securing screws and bottom pivot points Mounting Plate for SHP Cheetah Optional Mounting Plate for VESDA Compact Optional Mounting Plate for 4 square modules used the Cheetah and Shark control panels Optional Mounting Plate for a pair of batteries up to Amp Hour Used to keep batteries off enclosure allow use of the bottom knock outs enclosure provides two locations for panel Optional door opening plate secured by hardware Available in Red or Gray Part 2 bay panel 3 bay panel 2 bay panel 3 bay panel Controller board 120V Controller board 220V Controller board 120V Controller board 220V Controller board 120V Controller board 220V HLI Mounting Plate LaserCompactTM Mounting Plate 10 2346 Addressable Modules Plate Mounting Plate Mounting Plate for unused Door Opening 2002 Issue Bay Enclosure Bay Enclosure 10 055 3 Cheetah SHP 10 055 2 Cheetah SHP Shark Shark Expanded Enclosures consists of a red or gray metal with removable door The enclosures may be flush surface mounted They include a 0.5 lip around the back to facilitate flush mounting The control panel enclo are available in versatile 2 bay or 3 bay enclosures capability for the mounting of optional modules Expanded Enclosure provides either 2 or 3 bays for the of fire control hardware When using the 2 bay the control panel should be located in the top In the 3 bay unit the control panels should be located the top two bays knockouts are located on all sides for wire entry optional battery back plate allows the batteries to be above the bottom of the enclosure allowing easy to the knockouts In addition the added space in the allows for ease of wire installation around all sides Expanded Enclosure Manual P N 06 185 for system and installation instructions Logo S 10th Street P O Box 610 Blue Springs Missouri 64013 0610 U S A 816 229 3405 Fax 816 229 0314 www fike com mounting examples in the 2 and 3 Bay Expanded Panel Bay Enclosure w battery plate Enclosure Controller 10 059 1 Rack w Vesda Compact Enclosure Controller Compact Plate 11 17 18 20 24 25 ux Out ud 1 ud 2 ud 3 gtRel olen 1 2 3 4 ILE NCE ET C NORM AL LA RM RE DIS CHARGE E UP ERVISORY ROUBLE LA RM S SILENCED BORT A MODULE 0 OHM BASES 2 1 W3 C MODULE Sec Sec Bay Enclosure Modules w battery plate Enclosure 10 055 3 Plate 2 10 2347 Plate 10 2348 Covers 2 10 2341 w HLI and battery plate Enclosure 10 055 3 Controller 10 059 1 10 2345 Plate 10 2348 Plate Cover 10 2341 control panel should be mounted approximately 60 the floor to the middle of the viewing window on the The backbox can be surface or flush mounted as de For surface mounting utilize the four open in the back of the box For flush mounting cut the open in the wall to fit the backbox refer to Section 3.3 of the Enclosure Manual P N 06 185 for dimensions the box to the wall by again utilizing the four in the back of the enclosure Reference Section 3 Products for detailed specifications not install the electronic assemblies into the backbox the environment is free from construction dust Fike Corporation All rights reserved No previously 1210 are subject change without notice

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