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OUTPUT MODULE MODULE MODULE MODULE MODULE and Engineering Specifications Listed S3511 7300 0559 120 York City MEA 429 92 E Compatible with Cheetah SHP and Rhino UL Listed for NFPA 71 and 72C MEA approved Inputs Listed supervised inputs Remote programming Dual phone line interface with line monitoring Automatic 24 hour test Multiple format receiver compatible 10 2256 communicator has four input channels The are programmed to monitor relay contacts inputs can be programmed supervised or non super Input channels have preset types as follows Default 4 can be used to monitor various functions such pre discharge release manual release etc Fike model 10 2256 is a four channel digital compatible with Cheetah SHP and Rhino 10 2256 is easy to install program and service Alarm on board audible alarm is provided on the 10 2256 Interface model 10 2256 utlizes two separate phone lines for Both phone lines are monitored for faults 10 2256 may be programmed using either Monitoring Cheetah installations the Cheetah provides the AC monitoring and reporting delays For SHP main power is provided to the 10 2256 for monitoring The 10 2256 is then programmed for necessary delays Functions 1 10 2257 10 2258 keypad cable 2 10 2259 06 151 modem downloading software 10 2256 communicator incorporates a watchdog for monitoring the microprocessor On power up a self test is initiated A can be pro to send a test signal each day at a specific to the central station Input 10 2256 power can be supplied from Cheetah SHP or a separate Listed 24 Vdc power source S 10th St P O Box 610 Blue Springs MO 64013 0610 U S A 816 229 3405 Fax 816 229 4615 E Mail fpssales fike com 1998 Issue SPECIFICATIONS SPECIFICATIONS 84 mA during standby mA during communication alarm Lights LEDs power LED LEDs for phone line trouble LED for faulted input and system trouble Formats via SK 3 1 Sescoa 3 1 SK 4 2 SK FSK Radionics BFSK and SIA formats Registration No Equivalence of Jack 2 required 10 2256 x 10 1 8 W x 3 D metal cabinet pounds Listed UL 864 NFPA 71 72C York City MEA 429 92 E Vol III State Fire Marshall 7300 0559 120 Programmer keypad Programmer cable Modem Downloading software Channel Line 1 Line 2 from or R2M Input Monitor Input Channel Line 1 Line 2 NO D1141 Copyright 1998 by Fike Corporation All rights reserved PRINTED IN U S A

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