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HFC 227EA LIQUID LEVEL INDICATOR Fike 70 1353 series Liquid Level Indicator is a manually operated device which provides a to determine the Clean Agent liquid level in mounted agent storage containers Once the level is determined it can then be converted pounds kilograms of Clean Agent present in the storage container Refer to Fike HFC 227ea Manual for Liquid Level Indicator LLi 06 107 magnet equipped float moves with the liquid level along the unit stem Level is obtained by simply removing the protective cap and pulling out a tape until magnetic interlock with the float is felt With the tape in this the reading is obtained at the point where the tape emerges from the housing the liquid level is determined the reading is then located on a chart and the Clean Agent weight is read Accurate readings can be obtained a 40 to 90oF 4.4 to 32.2oC temperature range Reduced maintenance time the weight of the agent in storage containers can determined in a fraction of the time it would take to remove and weigh Continuous fire protection use of the liquid level indicator does not require down the Clean Agent System thus affording uninterrupted fire Field installation capability the indicator can easily be installed in the field a single wrench as long as the container is empty and is equipped with a boss Compact when not in use the unit requires no more space than that required the container Flexibility the flexible tape design allows the unit to be used in tight spaces would otherwise hinder the use of a rigid indicator stick Availability units are available for Fike container sizes of 100 lb 44 liter 1000 lb 423 liter in both the modular and central storage type Fike 70 1353 series Liquid Level Indicator housing and stem assembly is of brass The flexible indicator tape is constructed of steel with a mylar coating The indicator tape is calibrated in inches and centimeters unit housing provides straight mounting threads with a static O ring seal float is constructed of a special ECCO material for high pressure service cellular construction of the ECCO material allows the float to be solid and is susceptible to water logging as hollow floats are if they develop a leak The is provided with a plastic protective cap Level Indicator TAPE HERE BOSS STEM LEVEL UL Ex4623 FM 3002238 USCG 162.161 2 0 S 10th Street P O Box 610 Blue Springs Missouri 64013 0610 U S A 816 229 3405 816 229 4615 www fike com No C 1.05.01 2 MODELS P N SIZE P N 381 mm 278 mm 381 mm 381 mm 610 mm 965 mm 1118 mm lb 44 liter lb 51 liter lb 87 liter lb 90 liter lb 153 liter lb 267 liter lb 423 liter S70 155 S70 156 S70 157 AND ENGINEERING SPECIFICATIONS storage containers of 100 lb 44 liter capacity or more shall be provided with a reliable means other than weighing determining the agent weight within the storage container during normal routine service device used shall be a Fike 70 1353 xx series Liquid Level Indicator and shall not require any additional space when the is installed of the indicator shall not require the Clean Agent System to be shut down thus allowing uninterrupted fire protection service intervals Level indicators which are not factory installed shall be capable of being retrofitted in the field a single standard wrench when the container is removed for recharge level indicator tape shall be flexible to allow use in confined spaces The unit housing shall be constructed of brass straight mounting threads and a static O ring seal The float shall be of solid construction to eliminate the possibility water logging to which hollow floats are susceptible The float shall be equipped with a magnet which provides for a feel when the magnetic interlock is reached between the float and indicating tape the level reading is obtained the agent weight can be determined through the use of the chart or graph found in the Level Indicator Manual P N 06 107 Accurate readings shall be capable of being obtained over a 40oF 4.4oC 90oF 32.2oC temperature range Fike Corporation All Rights Reserved No C 1.05.01 2 March 2005 Specifications are subject to change without notice

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