Fike Hochiki Self-Contained Smoke Generator TSE-A100

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TSE A100 SELF CONTAINED SMOKE GENERATOR Hochiki America TSE A100 is one of the most units of its kind and is the result of extensive and development aimed at making the job of detectors a simple and efficient operation TSE A100 can be used to test all types of smoke by applying smoke from an internal smoke this is not a calibrated amount of smoke the is an excellent choice for periodic functional of smoke detectors Remove the TSE A100 from its carrying case Unscrew the combustion chamber from the of the TSE A100 Unscrew the punk stick holder retainer from combustion chamber a punk stick into the punk stick holder in combustion chamber Light the punk stick with a flame Reassemble the combustion chamber Screw the combustion chamber back into the of the TSE A100 Extend the telescopic pole of the TSE A100 to length which enables you to reach the you wish to test a Detector you have prepared the TSE A100 follow the steps this section to test smoke detectors Allow 30 to 60 seconds after igniting punk stick sufficient smoke generation Continued on back PARTS TSE A100 Self Contained Smoke Generator cid 127 Punk Stick Part No TSE P100 subject to change without notice FEATURES all types of smoke detectors self contained and portable from 5.25 feet to 14.1 feet Smoke Source Smoke Source includes shoulder sling carrying case adapter for high velocity conditions function to clear detector filter to prevent tar residue from adhering to surface of the detector Voltage Material VDC D Batteries Stick mm diameter 150 mm long Lbs to 14.1 feet America Corporation Village Drive Suite 100 Buena Park CA 90621 2268 714 522 2246 cid 127 Fax 714 522 2268 Support 800 845 6692 or technicalsupport hochiki com continued a Detector continued the TSE A100 Rotate the combustion chamber so the 2 line sup with the power indicator screw fan powers on and a steady flow of smoke released from the tip of the TSE A100 Raise the extended tip of the TSE A100 to 6 8 of the detector The detector should no smoke comes out check to make sure the stick is ignited and the power indicator on combustion chamber is set to 2 Rotate the combustion chamber to the 1 to turn the power off Compress the telescopic pole to its shortest Replace the TSE A100 in its carry case Store in a cool dry place For extended storage remove the batteries Use only the filter and combustion material Check battery capacity before use to assure operation Remove batteries before long period storage America Corporation cid 127 TSE A100 subject to change without notice

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