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DARWELL SYSTEMS INC Digital Interface Web Pages of Alarm Events of Trouble Events Email Addresses FTP Locations Compatible Programmable Installation Wiring via Plug ins or DC Powered Secure Compatible ETHERNET HTTP SERVER SMTP FTP HOST RS232 RS422 RS485 CVNET CVNET IN CVNET OUT SERIAL CONSOLE MENU DRIVEN VT 100 TERMINAL DIGITAL XPANDER DIAL UP APPS E ade in merica Grisham Drive TX 75088 1 972 840 1990 1 972 840 1980 Fike Cheetah Panels MC FIKE CHEETAH MC FIKE CHEETAH is used to interface directly with the RS485 peripheral on a Fike Cheetah panel This interface allows the user to monitor up to 508 points 4 loops from a remote location Both alarms and troubles are modular design of the MiCore allows it to operate under several different scenarios the MC FIKE CHEETAH is connected to an Ethernet network and given a proper address it will begin to serve up custom web pages These web pages give any user to the current alarm and or trouble conditions The MC FIKE CHEETAH can emails automatically to any of two possible valid email addresses The email contains the complete alarm message and description that the fire panel is to send The MC FIKE CHEETAH is also capable of transferring data to up to two separate FTP servers This feature is used when the MC FIKE is incorporated into a SitePRO EV system MC FIKE CHEETAH can be installed in three different configurations All three are available in the standard molded plastic enclosure shown above The option is a desktop installation that utilizes the four self adhesive rubber feet Option uses the enclosed mounting bracket to attach the MC FIKE CHEETAH to a wall The option is an internal mount this option uses the same mounting bracket and allows user to mount the MC FIKE CHEETAH inside the Fike panel matter what installation option is chosen the MC FIKE CHEETAH was designed ease of wiring in mind All board terminations are made with modular connectors use standard pin outs Every MC FIKE CHEETAH is shipped with a three foot host cable an Ethernet crossover cable a MC Console cable and a 24 VAC Defaults Specifications Specifications Address Mail IPs Address Offsets Baud Rate Loops Address Username darwell Password Key AC DC Number Voltage Current Ports Port Ports Baud 8 N 2 Baud 8 N 1 F RH Non condensing Wiring Specifications CONNECTOR CONDUCTORS 5 SHIELDED 5 SHIELDED SHIELDED SHIELDED SHIELDED WAN LAN odular Jacks POWER Power Description w Green w Blue Host Port Pinouts S 10th Street Blue Springs MO 64015 Phone 816 229 3405 Fax 816 229 0314 fpssales fike com www fike com

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