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Architect and Engineer Specification AND AIM MODULES 55 030 55 031 Listed S3217 55 030 MIM and 55 031 AIM are both input mod for use on the Cheetah addressable loop SLC The is a version and the 55 031 mounts to a 4 backbox modules operate identically They can be programmed various input conditions such as alarm trouble super etc in the same manner as the Fast Response Module FRCM The 55 030 and 55 031 each one NFPA Style B class B normally open initi device circuit The 55 030 is packaged in a rugged epoxy type material which completely seals the prod except for the terminal block and dipswitches Both 55 030 and 55 031 contain a red green bi colored L E D indicates the modules status condition 55 030 and 55 031 provide four terminal connections connection to field wiring Two terminals are used to to the Cheetah SLC The other two terminals a single class B normally open input circuit with a EOL resistor Both modules are programmed via user settings on the product Maximum input circuit resistance is 50 ohms for both modules 55 030 and 55 031 can be intermingled on the Cheetah with other detectors and modules The number of 55 and 55 031 modules allowed on the SLC is limited only the 127 available address locations contact monitored k Wiring is Supervised Limited contact monitored k AIM 2002 Issue S 10th Street P O Box 610 cid 127 Blue Springs Missouri 64013 0610 U S A cid 127 816 229 3405 cid 127 Fax 816 229 0314 cid 127 www fike com page intentionally left blank Fike Corporation All rights reserved No previously 1186 are subject change without notice

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