Fike P 1 82 01 400 Series High Temperature Duct Smoke Detector

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400 SERIES HIGH TEMPERATURE DUCT SMOKE DETECTOR Sensor Fike P N 67 1049 provides a higher range than standard duct detectors for installation extreme environments The 67 1049 samples air currents through a duct to provide dependable performance for of fans blowers and air conditions systems The twist out P N 02 11493 High Temperature ionization head allows easy removal for quick cleaning and replacement without removing the duct Temperature Range Humidity Range Duct Velocity 36.8 cm 12.7 cm 10.2 cm lbs 2.0 kg to 158 0 to 70 to 93 relative to 4000 ft min or 120 220 VAC Listed S911 67 1049 Listed S4011 02 11490 Listed S2522 02 4998 02 3869 02 3868 Listed S3593 20 130 134 SPECIFICATIONS air duct smoke detector shall be a System Sensor Model Fike P N 67 1049 Series Duct Smoke Detector The shall be UL listed per UL 268A standard for Smoke Detectors for Duct Applications specifically for use in handling systems The detector shall operate at air velocities from 500 feet per minute to 4000 feet per minute The shall have an operating temperature range of 32 to 150 The detector housing shall be equipped with an mounting base capable of accommodating ionization detector heads It shall be capable of local testing via switch or remote testing using P N 02 4998 or P N 02 3869 Remote Test Station The duct detector shall incorporate an airtight smoke chamber in compliance with UL 268A The housing shall be capable of to rectangular or round ducts up to 12 wide without adapter brackets An integral filter system shall be to reduce dust and residue effects on detector and housing thereby reducing maintenance and servicing tubes shall be installed after the housing is mounted to the duct by passing through the duct housing connections shall be of the strip and clamp method suitable for 14 18 AWG wiring Sensor provides system flexibility with a variety of accessories including two remote test stations and several means of visible and audible system annunciation As with our duct detectors all duct detector accessories are listed 02 11490 Annunciator S4011 02 4998 Test Station Key UL S2522 02 3869 Test Station S2522 02 3868 Annunciator S2522 20 130 134 Sounder S3593 S 10th Street P O Box 610 Blue Springs Missouri 64013 0610 U S A 816 229 3405 816 229 4615 www fike com No P 1.82.01 RATINGS P N 67 1049 Supply Voltage VDC 24 VAC 50 60 Hz 120 VAC 50 60 Hz 220 240 VAC 50 60 Hz Requirements Using No Accessories Standby Current Alarm Current mA mA mA RMS mA RMS Ratings Initiation Contacts SPST Auxiliary Contacts DPDT Contacts SPST 30 VAC DC 0.6 power factor 30 VDC 250 VAC 32 VDC resistive mA RMS mA RMS mA RMS mA RMS Current Loads 24 VDC P N MAX 30mA MAX MAX MAX MAX MAX When initiating an alarm Fike P N 02 4998 require 103mA alarm Nominal standby current is 0mA Alarm current is 8 mA when test magnet is removed Accessories are only rated to 120 and must be installed combinations of accessories may be used such that the given loads total 100mA or less in the standby state 150mA or in the alarm state INFORMATION P N ionization high temperature duct smoke detector ionization high temperature sensor head P N sampling tube duct widths 1 sampling tube duct widths 2 sampling tube duct widths 4 sampling tube duct widths 8 cap for metal sampling tubes with piezo alarm and power LEDs test station with key test station sounder annunciator alarm LED cover removal tool air filters two per package test module magnet replacement screen installation kit mounting hardware Fike Corporation All Rights Reserved No P 1.82.01 September 2005 Specifications are subject to change without notice

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