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VESDA LASERCOMPACT S5198 FM 3002483 FM Hazardous Locations Class 1 Div 2 Group A B C D 4D7A3 AX LPC Vds LaserCOMPACT detector has been specifically designed to all the benefits of aspirating smoke detection including early warning in single environment small areas and where is a premium This has been achieved through the of approved LaserPLUS detection technology air filtration technology and a modified aspirator incorporated into a smaller enclosure with a simplified LaserCOMPACT is available in two versions one that via relays only RO or via the relays and LaserCOMPACT is made up of two parts the main and the front cover main enclosure houses all the key components of the All non serviceable items like the main processor board and detector chamber are mounted away from the access area protecting them during the installation and service process main enclosure includes Detection Chamber Main processor board with integrated flow sensor card air inlet port with air flow monitoring device Card supporting three relays Fire Pre alarm Alert Fault including Service and Isolate The card includes power connections and VESDAnet communication Aspirator Dual Stage Air Filter Cartridge Exhaust Port front cover supports LED Fire Pre Alarm Alert Fault OK Reset Isolate Push Button press to reset press and hold to isolate IT WORKS is continually drawn through a simple pipe network to a central detector by a high efficiency aspirator Air entering unit passes a flow sensor before a sample is passed through a dual stage dust filter the majority of air is exhausted the detector and where required back vented to the protected area The first stage removes dust and dirt from air sample before it enters the chamber for smoke detection The second ultra fine stage provides a clean air supply be used inside the detection chamber to form clean air barriers which protect the optical surfaces from detection chamber uses a stable highly efficient laser light source and unique sensor configuration to achieve the response to a wide range of smoke types When smoke passes through the detection chamber it creates light which is detected by the very sensitive sensor circuitry status of the detector all alarms service and fault events are monitored and logged with time and date stamps reporting can be transmitted via simple relay connections or across the advanced VESDAnet communications VN version only No V 1.05.01 S 10th Street P O Box 610 Blue Springs Missouri 64013 0610 U S A 816 229 3405 816 229 4615 www fike com size smoke detection Wide sensitivity range pipe inlet display communication VN Voltage Consumption Consumption Rating WHD Temperature Network Programmable Relays Rating Access Termination Range Setting Range Features Configurable General Purpose 24VDC alarm levels relays flow monitoring Dual stage dust filter Optional remote display and relay capability mounting design to 30VDC quiescent 5.9W with alarm at 24VDC quiescent 245mA with alarm 7 8 in x 8 7 8 in x 3 3 8 in 225mm x 225mm x 85mm lbs 1.9kg Ambient 14 to 103 10 to 39 Air 4 to 140 20 to 60 area of coverage 8000 sq ft pipe length in accordance with Computer Design Tool and NFPA standards Diameter 9 16 in 7 8 in 15 21mm Diameter 1 in 25mm Relays rated 2A 30VDC Configuration Maintenance Isolate 0 60 seconds time delay for each relay of non latching in TKO 4 x 25mm cable entries Terminal blocks 0.2 2.5 sq mm 30 12 AWG to 6 obs ft 0.005 to 20 obs m 0.0015 0.6218 obs ft 0.005 to 1.990 obs m 0.0031 0.6234 obs ft 0.010 1.995 obs m 0.0046 6.25 obs ft 0.015 20.00 obs m log up to 12,000 events stored FIFO Smoke level alarms and faults time and date stamp Minimum 15 minutes maximum 15 days Recommended 14 day AutoLearn thresholds are NOT changed from pre set values AC Power OK and Reset Isolate CARD VN CARD RO A Bias GND Reset Reset Bias LED GND LED FIRE NO FIRE C PRE ALARM NO PRE ALARM C FAULT NO FAULT C FAULT NC B VESDAnet A VESDAnet A VESDAnet B VESDAnet B Power Power Power Power A FIRE NO FIRE C PRE ALARM NO PRE ALARM C FAULT NO FAULT C FAULT NC A Bias GND Reset Reset Bias LED GND LED Power Power Power Power DIAGRAM REAR VIEW INFORMATION VLC 500 VLC 505 VRT K00 VRT J00 VSR K VSR J relay only VesdaNET and relay Remote single gang box no relays Remote single gange box 7 relays Remote 19 rack use no relays Remote 19 rack use 7 relays Fike Corporation All Rights Reserved No V 1.05.01 July 2005 Specifications are subject to change without notice document may not be reproduced in whole or in part by any means without the prior express written permission of the copyright owner Copyright 2003 Vision Security Pty Ltd ABN 008 009 514 The manufacturer reserves the right to change designs or specifications without obligation and without further notice VESDA LaserPLUS LaserSCANNER LaserCOMPACT VESDAnet VESDAlink ASPIRE AutoLearn VSM VConfig and InfoWORKS are trademarks used under by the distributor

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