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VESDA LaserPLUS Option S5198 FM 1DOA4 AY Option LaserPLUS Scanner is a detector unit that distinguishes and identifies the VESDA Sector pipe that is carrying smoke The of smoke results in the system initially locating the first sector with the highest level of smoke indicating the origin of a The unit then continues to sample from each sector individually to supply alarm annunciation for each pipe smoke levels during the scanning There is an extra LED to indicate the First Alarm Sector has been and extra functionality to the button to allow a Manual Scan to initiated Like the VESDA LaserPLUS Scanner display can be mounted on the unit remotely in a 19 rack or on VSM3 Individual Pipe Annunciation Adaptive Scan Threshold Wide Sensitivity Range to 6 obs ft to 20 obs m Laser based Light Source Configurable Alarm Levels Purpose built Aspirator 4 In line Inlet Pipes Flow Sensor for Each Pipe Inlet Low cost Maintenance Dual stage Filter Easy Access to Filter Cartridge Recessed Mounting Scanner is similar to the standard LaserPLUS Detector but also in a valve mechanism in the inlet mani and associated software to control the low from the four VESDA sectors This configuration enables one VESDA zone to be divided into four sectors for example distinguish between separate voids within a room Scanner Detector Unit consists of main sections mounting box includes Four Pipe Inlet Manifold and Valve Mechanism Exhaust Manifold Air Flow Sensor Card Termination Card Termination Card supports a of seven or twelve relays that Alert Action Fire 1 and Fire 2 It also supports Maintenance Fault and Isolate signals The provides connections for power the VESDAnet cabling chassis brings together Laser Detection Chamber Head Processor Card Dual stage Filter Cartridge Aspirator cover supports a flexible of insertable modules Scanner Display Programmer Blank Plates Operation Scanner monitors the level of smoke in sectors pipes It can provide four alarm for each individual pipe Alert Fire 1 and Fire 2 Sector factors can be set individually to the optimal alarm thresholds are for each sector Scanner continually draws air from all up to four if all inlet ports are in and once smoke reaches the Adoptive threshold the unit quickly scans to which pipe is carrying smoke more than one pipe is transporting the sector with the greatest or smoke will be as the First Alarm FAS the Fast Scan is complete the FAS is identified system will then begin Slow Scan using Intelligent The Slow Scan can be programmed 8 15 seconds per pipe Sequencing means the FAS is looking at other pipe in the Scan Display Scanner display is similar in to the standard LaserPLUS display with a graph indicating the overall level alarm thresholds and fault indication bar graph also shows the individual Unit Specifications Termination Card Relay Version 2 1 OUTPUTS Termination Card Relay Version Fault 1 TERMINATION OUTPUTS Voltage to 30VDC Consumption Display or Programmer 11.0 watts quiescent 3000 4200 rpm plus 1.3 watts alarm Consumption Display or Programmer quiescent plus 70mA alarm 3000rpm WHD in x 8.9 in x 4.9 in x 225mm x 125mm 4.0 Kg including Display and modules Temperature Detector Ambient 32 cid 176 to 103 cid 176 F to 39 cid 176 C Air 4 cid 176 to 140 cid 176 F 20 cid 176 to 60 cid 176 C 10 95 RH noncondensing ID Relays to 1 in preferred ID 3 4 to 25 mm preferred OD 25mm Relays rated 2A 30VDC C NO NC configuration Action Fire 1 Fire 2 Fault and Isolate Relays Relays rated 2A 30VDC NO and 2X NO NC 25mm knock outs in various positions configuration Action Fire 1 Fire 2 Alarm Sector 1 to 4 and Scan Fault Isolate Rating IP30 Access Termination terminal blocks 30 12 AWG Range to 6 obscuration ft to 20 obscuration m Software Features log up to 18,000 events stored Minimum 15 minutes maximum days Recommended minimum period 1 day AutoLearn thresholds are NOT from pre set values compensation for external conditions Levels of Alarm per sector Action Fire 1 Fire 2 holiday levels of fault warning and Major fault Configurable relays 7 or 12 Aids Filter Flow informative event reporting via or event log Scan Threshold selects the appropriate scan automatically For UL minimum sensitivity is 4 ft Information Scanner detector 7 relays Scanner detector 12 relays Scanner detector 7 relays with LED Scanner detector 12 relays with LED Scanner detector 7 relays with display Scanner detector 12 relays with display Scanner detector 7 relays with display Scanner detector 12 relays with display programmer programmer Scanner detector 7 relays with Scanner detector 12 relays with Fike Corporation Protection Systems S 10th Street Springs Missouri USA 64015 816 229 3405 816 229 4615 Systems manufactures VESDA and ADPRO products In accordance with its policy of continuing product and system improvement Vision the right to change engineering design or specifications without incurring obligation and without further notice VESDA is a registered trade of Vision Systems ASPIRE LaserPLUS AutoLearn VSM and VESDAnet are trademarks of Vision Systems IN U S A

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