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Cerberus Pyrotronics IXL Intermediate XL Member of InteLINK Family 9350

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IXL Intermediate XL Member of the InteLINK Family AND ARCHITECT SPECIFICATIONS NFPA Standard 72 Style 6 (Class A) or Style 4 (Class B) Line Circuits NFPA Standard 72 Style Z (Class A) or Style Y (Class B) Appliance Circuits Microprocessor Technology Fully Field Programmable Menu Driven Programming Software Interactive Panel Keypad with Guided Sequential Control of Alarm, Trouble, Supervisory Functions by Point or Zone Supports all Series Intelligent/Analog Input Devices User Selectable Series Smoke Detector Sensitivity Settings Remote UL Sensitivity Test for Series Smoke Detectors Alarm Event and Trouble Status Buffers History Log Self Diagnosis Power Limited Password Access Protection Positive Alarm Sequence Alarm Verification 24-Hour Trouble Reminder Signal Silence Inhibit and Time Limit Cutout One Person Test and Print-Out Two Supervised Indicating Appliance Circuits Rated At Each VAC Jumper Programmable Master Box/Line Reversal Circuit Four Form C Relays Rated At 1A, 30 VDC, or 200mA, Dual Mode Battery Charger Degrade Operation Mode Full Array of Optional Modules and Devices Circuitry Does Not Require Shielded Cable Listed, ULC Listed, FM, CSFM, NYMEA Approved IXL part of the Cerberus Pyrotronics family of fire life safety equipment. Ideal for buildings of size, the IXL provides a full array of standard optional features. IXL is fully supervised, power limited and fully field control panel. The standard control panel two network communication lines (these lines are by NFPA72 as signaling line circuits). This can be expanded to monitor up to four network lines. network communication line consists of one data two power lines and one earth return line. The data power lines are supervised for open circuit, short and earth faults. NUMBER network communication lines can support a variety of modules and devices for maximum system These addressable modules and devices include to: 256 addressable input devices. This limit can be by a combination of any of the following: to 256 conventional zone modules to 4 Series control modules to 240 Series devices (detectors, manual TRI interfaces), 224 addressable control element relay output 24 addressable LED annunciators or graphic or 16 high visibility LCD alphanumeric displays or interfaces, interfaces, 16 remote panel control modules, 4 generic switch control modules. system operator can select one of four smoke sensitiv- settings for a specific Series smoke detector in- on an ICon circuit. In addition, the IXL displays at panel a specific Series smoke detec-tor analog value. This feature permits the user to perform a listed smoke detector sensitivity test. system architecture allows for T-tapping of the NFPA 72 Style 4 (Class B) signaling the circuits. line circuits can be configured for either NFPA 72 Style 6 (Class A) or NFPA Standard 72 Style 4 B) operation. of the major benefits of the IXL system is that it is fully programmable. Utilizing the IBM compatible computer the panel interactive keypad, the IXL can be custom- to meet specific installation requirements. interactive keypad allows you to perform basic system in the normal, program and test modes. You are through the system operation by LED that flash in to indicate available operation choices. The IXL also password access protection for the use of the panel additional security is necessary. These features installation, reconfig-uration and maintenance simple. and Architect Specifications your nearest Cerberus Pyrotronics sales outlet for copy of the IXL Specification Guide. IXL consists of the main control panel and enclosure the IXL system. It contains the intelligence for the All data is processed and transmitted to other in the system via the network communication IXL also has two notification appliance (alarm signal) rated at 2 Amp. Each, either Style Z (Class A) or Y (Class B). The IXL municipal tie circuit is jumper for master box or line reversal circuit. There is a built-in battery charger with a 40 AH b