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    MPG8AI Controller Input Module in U.S.A 7193 OF CONTENTS GUIDELINES THIS PACKAGE COMPONENTS AND ACCESSORIES REQUIREMENTS GROUNDING Sensing Inputs ………………. 1 Vdc Analog Inputs ………………….. mA Inputs ………………………… AND SETUP INFORMATION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 an analog input module (MPG8AI) module that plugs directly into any of four option slots available on the MicroSmart Controller (MSCMPC), providing analog inputs to the MSGMPC. MPC-8AI provides eight universal analog that can be configured as 1000 ohm Balco, ohm platinum, 4-20 mA, O-l 1 Vdc sensors, status contact inputs. NO.: MPC-8AI LISTINGS: UL-816 Equipment), UL-873 . Indicating and Regulating UL-864 (Smoke Control System with FCC Class as a smoke control system sub-assembly. to be used by itself or as part of a MicroSmart Network (RCM/NCM) in a smoke control For smoke control applications, install accordance with F-25645, Smoke Systems Manual. INPUTS: 8 universal inputs individually for any of the following: Ohm Platinum Temperature Sensor: to +240 F @O.l resolution to 115 C @ 0.06 resolution) Ohm Balco Temoerature Sensor: to +240 F @ 0.1 o F resolution C to +115 @ 0.06 resolution) 1 Vdc: 0.005 volt resolution mA: 0.01 mA resolution Inouts: used for status monitoring of contacts. ENVIRONMENT: 32 to 122 to 50X), 5-85% RH (non-condensing). REQUIREMENTS: MPC-8AI derives all power from associated MSC-MPC. 5 x 6.25 Net: 12 l/2 oz. 13 oz. GUIDELINES equipment has been tested and found to with the limits for a Class digital pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC rules. limits are designed to provide reasonable against harmful interference when the is operated in a commercial This equipment generates, uses can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not and used in accordance with the manual may cause harmful to radio communications. Operation this equipment in a residential area is likely to harmful interference in which case the user be required to correct the interference at his expense. reduce riskof fireor electrical shock, install in controlled environment relatively free of beginning the installation process for the visually inspect the unit for any defects and to make sure all parts are If any flaws are detected, contact your Siebe office or authorized representative Guidelines TO CONTROLLER INPUT

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    MICROZONE II I/A Series MICROZONE II (MZII) is a fully programmable that enhances the I/A Series Facility Management family offering. The MZII has the ability to employ custom programs and run them in a stand-alone mode. The MZII programming language provides the system operator with flexibility for creation of new and unique control strategies. II is easily applied to a wide variety of mechanical including those that are application specific. Through Personal System Interface (PSITM) and Xtended Personal Interface (XPSITM), control programs can be downloaded all devices requiring the sequence of operation. With the MZII, I/A Series provides the best of both worlds; full for easy creation and modification of custom strategies, and easy duplication of controller databases for equipment containing similar or identical control MZII utilizes state-of-the-art, surface mount technology which reduce the size and cost of the product while providing product features. Modularity of hardware along with the capabilities allow easy expandability as the needs of facility change in the future. As with all other programmable Series controllers, the MZII utilizes non-volatile EEPROM to store application control programs. EEPROM memory an owner to modify existing control sequences or create ones through the Personal System Interface (PSI). Complete user creation of custom control strategies through programming structure adapts MZII to virtually any HVAC sequence or mechanical system. Models with battery backed-up time clock provide true direct digital control with optimum start stop, functions, and battery backed-up random access (RAM). Input/output auto trending with adjustable sample rates accumulate and time stamp last 48 analog values last 10 digital changes of state. Satellite point command capability from global controllers of unused points. half (0.5) second input to output response times make directly applicable to static pressure, fume hood and pressurization applications. Building Systems, Inc. Clifford Avenue Box 2940 Park, IL 61132-2940 in U.S.A. Copyright 2004 Invensys Building Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Model Chart. card Clock Specifications See Table-1. Conforms to NEMA-1. UL-916 rated. Supply Input Power Consumption 20 VA at 50/60 Hz. Approvals to 30.0 Vac, 50/60 Hz. File #E71385 Category PAZX. File #LR 3728. Class B. File #S5381 Categories UUKL, QVAX, and UDTZ. Compliance Tests ANSI C62.41 (IEEE 587), A and B. Discharge Test kV to case, kV to field terminals. Limits Temperature Smoke Control 77 (25 nominal. Energy Management -40 to 140 (-40 to 60 and Storage Temperature -40 to 140 (-40 to 5 to 95% RH, non-condensing. 80C198, 7 MHz clock speed, 16-bit word size. 64 KB of EPROM, 2 KB of EEPROM, 8 KB of RAM. Terminals See Figure-1. Backup – Clock and RAM 30 days (replaceable lithium Backed-up Time Clock Accuracy sec./mo at (25 To Digital Conversion Resolution 10 bit. To Analog Conversion Resolution 10 bit. to Output Response Time 0.5 seconds maximum. Inputs 8. Input 20 to 140 (-6.67 to 60 range. TS-5700-850 series or equivalent. Input -40 to 250 (-40 to 121 range. TS-8000 series or equivalent. Input -31 to 240 (-35 to 116 range. TS-5600 series or equivalent. Input -40 to 240 (-40 to 116 range. TS-5800 series or equivalent. 1000 to 20,000 resistance. 0 to 5 Vdc. 4 to 20 mAdc with 250 shunt resistor. Input Dry. Pulse Count Rate per second (50 msec. minimum On or Off time per pulse) to per 4 minutes (1 input per MZII). per second (0.5 se

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