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Software Services Series GW WEBPORTAL serves as a bridge between the 9th edition CAMWorks fire control panels fire and or mass notification applications and an eVance Data It transmits network event and system information that is used for test and purposes GW WEBPORTAL a key part of the eVance System is a UL 864 listed product for supplementary use It integrates seamlessly with the E3 Series and S3 fire alarm control panels FACPs and the E3 Series network is compatible with the following Gamewell FCI 9th edition fire alarm control panels with firmware version or higher standalone GW WEBPORTAL is compatible with the following systems S3 Series standalone or network E3 Series network with an ANX Addressable Node Expander board Mixed S3 Series and E3 Series network Information Hardware eVance Webportal Gateway includes SLP BLK RPT E3 UTP and the GW WEBPORTAL to be used to connect a network of E3 S3 panels to eVance Web Portal Gateway with black cabinet Used to connect E3 S3 network with ANX SR ANX MR or a standalone S3 panel or a network S3 panels to eVance For new E3 S3 networks use the ANX WEBPORTAL KIT2 Scanner Options The Scanner BT is sold by Honeywell and is compatible with Android mobile It is a 1D imager and provides omni directional reading capability Device Onboard Camera eVance Services supports the on board camera of Android and iOS mobile devices these devices are supplied by the user Scanner Sleds Scanner sleds that snap on to iOS mobile devices are available Honeywell Scanner sleds are available for the iPhone 5 5S 6 and 6 and iPod Touch programming or setup is required Mobile Scanners Two scanners from the Socket Mobile SocketScan 800 Series now supported by eVance Services These include the S800 1D imager and the S850 scanner that includes support for QR codes Both devices are certified by Apple for devices and are compatible with Android They are not sold through Honeywell Go to for more detailed information Labels Honeywell offers Barcode Labels in Rolls of 1,000 Barcode 1000 that can be used for associating devices with the building list Other barcode labels may be used including those labels that may be already adhered to the device which is a common occurrence extinguishers Includes the scanner sled for the iPhone 5 USB cable 3 year Warranty and Honeywell Service Made Simple Includes the scanner sled for the iPod touch USB cable 3 year warranty and Honeywell Service Made Simple Warranty Bar Codes eVance bar codes 1000 ct Supply Select a power supply that is powered by a regulated 24 VDC UL 1481 or 864 listed 125 mA power supply 1 An Ethernet cable is required for programming 2 The Customer must provide access to the Internet In addition the system should be set up to run Google Chrome preferred or Microsoft Internet Explorer version 10 or higher Web Browser for the GW WEBPORTAL configuration BENEFITS Connects directly to FACP through a connection or can with multiple through an XLS network Provides a built in tool for use with a browser Manager Device WiFi Manager Maintenance Data Center Owner Test Reports Series Panel 1 Standalone S3 Series Panel Architecture 2 E3 Series and S3 Series Network Architecture Series and S3 Series Network Connections connect the SLP BLK to the E3 Series network or another S3 panel connect J4 on the SLP E3 main board to on the RPT E3 UTP For additional information on how to connect the S3 Series panel to the E3 Series panel refer to the documents S3 Series Small Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel UL Listing Document P N LS10005 051GF E RPT E3 UTP Installation Instructions P N 9000 0580 Notes Once commissioned the GW WEBPORTAL cannot be moved to another FACP Each E3 Series and S3 Series System allows only one connected GW WEBPORTAL or FocalPoint Gateway at When you use a multi ring ANX setup the GW WEBPORTAL must be connected to the ANX connecting the two time Technical Specifications following list the GW WEBPORTAL specifications Input 24 VDC Current 125 mA 24 VDC GW WEBPORTAL must be powered by a UL Standard and or UL Standard 864 listed regulated 24 VDC power supply 0 to 49 32 120 Humidity 93 non condensing at 32 F Gamewell FCI recommends that this product may installed in an environment with a normal room of 15 27 C 60 80 F AND HUMIDITY RANGES system meets NFPA requirements for operation at 0 49 120 and at a relative humidity 93 2 noncondensing at 32 2 90 3 the useful life of the system s standby batteries the electronic components may be adversely affected extreme temperature ranges and humidity Therefore is recommended that this system and its peripherals be in an environment with a normal room of 15 27 80 GW WEBPORTAL is designed to comply with the standards Standard S864 9th Edition Control Units for Fire Alarm Systems UL 2572 1st Edition Mass Notification Systems STANDARDS 70 National Electrical Code 72 National Fire Alarm Code 101 Life Safety Code Listings and Approvals listings and approvals apply to the modules in this document In some cases certain or applications may not be listed by cer approval agencies or listing may be in process the factory for the latest listing status Standard S635 ULV S1570 9001 Certification a complete listing of all approvals and please visit Captuvo E3 and and FocalPoint are registered and CAMWorks is trademark of Honeywell Inc and Google are of Google Inc is a registered of The Mozilla is a trademark of Inc is a registered of Microsoft and Explorer are trademarks of the Corporation is a registered trademark Underwriters Laboratories by Honeywell Inc All rights Unauthorized use of document is strictly document is not intended be used for installation We try to keep our information up to and accurate We cannot all specific applications anticipate all requirements specifications are subject to without notice more information more about Gamewell FCI GW WEBPORTAL and other available by visiting www Gamewell FCI com Gamewell FCI Clintonville Road CT 06472 1610 D 08 19 Honeywell International Inc

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