Gamewell-FCI i3 Series Detectors

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Description System Sensor i3 Series smoke detectors represent significant advancement in conventional detection The family is founded on three principles installation ease and instant inspection i3 Series redefines installation ease with its plug in This design allows an installer to pre wire the included with the heads The large wire entry port the in line terminals provide ample room to neatly the wiring inside the base The base accommodates variety of backbox mounting methods as well as direct with drywall anchors To complete the installa the i3 heads plug in to the base i3 detectors offer a number of intelligent features to testing and maintenance Drift compensation and algorithms are standard with the i3 line to mini nuisance alarms When the i3 is connected to the fol the 2 wire i3 detectors are capable of generating a maintenance signal 2W MOD Loop Test Maintenance Module ready panel MS 2 and MS 4 equipped with the i3 remote maintenance signal indicates when the i3 cleaning and it is indicated via an LED located at module and or the panel To read the sensitivity of i3 the SENS RDR is a wireless device that dis the sensitivity in terms of percent per foot obscura i3 Series provide wide angle red and green LED indi that allow you to instantly inspect the following conditions normal standby out of sensitivity the i3 is connected to the 2W MOD Loop Test Main Module or an i3 ready panel i e MS 2 and MS 4 the i3 protocol the EZ Walk loop test feature is avail on 2 wire i3 detectors This feature verifies the initiat loop wiring by providing the LED status indication at detector trouble condition alarm Series Detectors Conventional Detector Series Constructed of built in remote maintenance signaling a built in test switch Provides drift compensation and smoothing algorithms Contains a Stop Drop Lock attachment to the base Offers simplified sensitivity measurement Has a large wire entry port Mounts to octagonal and single gang backboxes 4 plug in detector line mounting base included with in line terminals with SEMS screws cm square backboxes or direct to ceiling Designed with a removable detector cover and to simplify cleaning Equipped with a wide angle dual color LED indication Uses loop testing via EZ Walk feature GAMEWELL FCI are for information only are not intended for installation purposes and are subject to change without notice No responsibility is assumed by Gamewell FCI for their use Clintonville Road Northford CT 06472 1610 USA Tel 203 484 7161 Fax 203 484 7118 by Honeywell International Inc All rights reserved Rev B page 1 of 2 Information Voltage 12 24 VDC peak Current 50 maximum average 50 maximum average Number Thermal Wiring Alarm Current 130 mA max limited by Number 130 mA max limited by panel panel 20 mA 12V 23mA 24V 20 mA 12V 23mA 24V 130 mA max limited by 130 mA max limited by panel panel 35 mA 35 mA 50 mA 50 mA loop test maintenance replacement tool adapter bracket relay synchronization reader Alarm Contact Range 2W B and 4W B 2WT B and 4WT B Range Sensor Trouble Terminals base 130 mA limited by panel 20 mA 12 V mA 24V n a 0.5 A 30 V AC DC 120 0 49 100 0 37.8 to 95 RH non condensing 57.2 fixed and 4WT B only 5 ft nominal 22 AWG inches 127 mm diameter inches 51 mm height oz 178 grams 8.8 cm octagonal 10.16 cm octagonal back box 10.16 cm square backbox plaster ring mount to ceiling Rev B page 2 of 2 Clintonville Road Northford CT 06472 1610 USA Tel 203 484 7161 Fax 203 484 7118

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