Gamewell-FCI M500X Isolator Module

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Addressable Devices Sensor M500X 7 Isolator Module System Sensor M500X Fault Isolator modules enable part of the signaling line circuit to continue operating when a short circuit The System Sensor M500X Isolator Module is an automatic switch that opens the line voltage drops below four volts This module is rigorously designed and for electromagnetic compatibility and environmental reliability in many cases industry standards you install the Isolator Modules the modules should be spaced between of sensors or modules in a signaling line circuit to protect the remainder of the line circuit If a short occurs between any two isolators then both isolators switch to an open circuit state and isolate the devices between them The units on the signaling line circuit continue to operate No more than 20 are recommended for each group LED indicator flashes in the normal condition and lights during a short circuit When the short circuit is removed the module will automatically restore the signaling line circuit Information Isolator Module BENEFITS Up to 20 addressable Offers a panel Provides a low standby status LED Mounts in a standard 10.16cm junction box may be between modules Wiring terminals are manageable for Sensor M500X Technical Specifications M500X is designed to comply with the following Standard UL 864 9th Edition LISTINGS AND APPROVALS listings and approvals apply to the modules in this document In some cases certain or applications may not be listed by certain agencies or listing may be in process factory for latest listing status S1949 7300 1653 0103 Listed 9001 Certification a complete listing of all approvals and please visit E3 Series and are registered of Honeywell Inc is a registered trademark Underwriters Laboratories document is not intended be used for installation We try to keep our information up to and accurate We cannot all specific applications anticipate all requirements specifications are subject to without notice Current 00045 amps max Temperature Range 32 F to 120 F 0 C to C Range 10 to 93 non condensing Range 15 32 VDC Line Impedance 40 Ohms Current 5 mA max Detection Delay 250 ms min Detection 4 volts Restoration 7 volts 4.5 H x 4 W 25 D 11.4 H x 10.2 W x 6 D cm Box Mounts to a 4 square by 2.8 10 2 x 7.1 cm deep box operating current During power failure current to 0.045 amp since the back light is extinguished AND HUMIDITY RANGES system meets NFPA requirements for operation at 0 49 120 and at a relative humidity 93 2 noncondensing at 32 2 90 3 the useful life of the system s standby batteries the electronic components may be adversely affected extreme temperature ranges and humidity Therefore is recommended that this system and its peripherals be in an environment with a normal room of 15 27 80 more information more about Gamewell FCI System Sensor M500X and products available by visiting www Gamewell FCI com Gamewell FCI Clintonville Road CT 06472 1610 C 11 17 Honeywell International Inc

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