Gamewell-FCI MCS-ACCLIMATE2 Multi-criteria Detector

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MCS ACCLIMATE2 FCI MCS ACCLIMATE2 sensor is intelligent addressable multi sensing profile sensor designed for use with 7200 FV7200 7100 7100 NetSOLO NetSOLO BroadBand Series fire alarm panels MCS ACCLIMATE2 sensor uses a of photoelectric and thermal technologies that are designed to immunity to false alarms Unlike intelligent devices the MCS AC sensor has a microprocessor the sensor head that processes alarm As a result the MCS ACCLIMATE2 adjusts its sensitivity automatically needing operator intervention where the MCS ACCLIMATE2 is especially useful include office schools college campuses and industrial facilities and else the use of a particular area change One day a conference room a kitchen the next day a copy room the MCS ACCLIMATE2 automatically adjusts its sensitiv to the environment plug in sensors use separate base to simplify installation ser and maintenance A special tool maintenance personnel to plug in remove sensors without using a lad base on a box which is at least 3.81 cm deep Suitable mounting boxes include 4.0 10.16 cm square box 3.5 8.89 cm or 4.0 10.16 cm oc Single gang box except relay or isola box base With B501BH base use a 4.0 10.16 square box With B224RB or B224BI base use a 8.89 cm octagonal box or a 4.0 cm octagonal or square box Because of the inherent supervi provided by the SLC end of line re are not required Wiring branches are permitted for Style 4 wiring Automatically adjusts sensitivity without the need for operator or programming increases with heat Microprocessor based combination and thermal technology Sleek low profile design Rotary decimal addressing 01 99 Addresses can be viewed and without the need for programmers Dual LED design provides 360 angle LEDs lock RED when in Alarm Several base options including isolator and sounder Built in functional test switch by external magnet Listed to UL 268 Capable of heat only alarm mode by a special command from panel Smoke alarms are ig Backwards compatible on most Low temperature signal at 45 10 SPACING recommends spacing detectors in with NFPA 72 In low airflow with smooth ceilings space 30 feet 9.144 m For specific regarding detector spacing and special applications refer NFPA 72 System Smoke Detector Ap Guide document A05 1003 is at www systemsensor com NOTE MCS ACCLIMATE2 sensor has the ability to adjust sensitivity accord to the environment based on heat and levels Avoid installing these sen in locations that are susceptible to and high temperature changes An of an incorrect application would near or in line with the output of a self heater ISO 9001 Company are provided for information only and are intended to be used for installation purposes and are to be accurate However no responsibility is by Fire Control Instruments for their use subject to change without notice 2003 All Rights Reserved 1.2 1 of 2 2.1 5.1 cm high x 4.1 10.4 cm diameter installed in B501 base 15.5 cm diameter installed in ADB FL base weight 5.2 oz 147 g temperature 0 to 38 32 to 100 velocity range 0 4000 ft min 1219.2 m min suitable for installation in ducts humidity 10 93 noncondensing ratings fixed temperature setpoint 135 57 auto adjusting levels 1 to 2 ft and 2 to 4 ft levels 1 2 and 4 ft SPECIFICATIONS range 15 32 volts DC peak current max avg 250 24 VDC without communication 360 24 VDC one communication 5 seconds with LED enabled resistance 40 ohms maximum varies according to control panel used Refer to panel installation manuals current max 6.5 mA 24 VDC AVAILABLE 6.1 15.5 cm diameter 4.1 10.4 cm diameter or B501BHT Sounder base assembly B501BHT produces Temporal Pattern Includes B501 base Relay Base Screw terminals up to 14 AWG 2.0 mm Relay type Form C Rating 2.0 A 30 VDC 0.3 A 110 VDC inductive 1.0 A 30 VDC inductive Dimensions 6.2 15.748 cm x 1.2 3.048 cm Isolator Base Dimensions 6.2 15.748 cm x 1.2 3.048 cm Maximum 25 devices between isolator are provided for information only and are not intended to be used for installation purposes and are believed to be accurate no responsibility is assumed by Fire Control Instruments for their use Specifications subject to change without notice 2003 All Rights Reserved Southwest Park Westwood MA 02090 USA cid 127 Tel 781 471 3000 cid 127 Fax 781 471 3099 cid 127 www firecontrolinstruments com CONTROL INSTRUMENTS 9020 0561 Ver 1.2 Page 2 of 2

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