Gamewell-FCI NCM-1 Noise Control Module

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SLC Loop Black White Loop Red Devices Control Module Gamewell FCI NCM 1 Noise Control Module patented is used to reduce the noise for example noise that is present on both conductors on the Line Circuit SLC The NCM 1 may also be used in these applications to reduce the common mode noise wire the NCM 1 connect it directly in line with the SLC Loop To connect the SLC the NCM 1 includes a pig tail lead To determine the maximum wiring refer to Table 1 All distances are rated a maximum allowable distance and wire For systems without shield cut the white wire Information Noise Control Module SHIELD TWISTED PAIR THAN LOOP AWG or NO or NO MAXIMUM PER LOOP ft Loop ft ft Loop ft Loop ft Loop ft ft 1 ft Loop ft1 ft1 ft1 ft1 A smaller gauge wire will support shorter distances as follows AWG 8,000 ft Maximum AWG 4,875 ft Maximum AWG 3,225 ft Maximum 16 AWG 4,875 ft Maximum 18 AWG 3,225 ft Maximum 1 E3 Series S3 7100 Series SLC Wiring Specifications Without Audio BENEFITS Mounts in a cabinet or Uses multiple NCMs Connects directly to Provides Pig Tail Type enclosure T Tapped non connections Signaling Line Patented Design U S 5 210 523 Technical Specifications 1 lists the SLC wiring specifications that do not audio for the following Systems Series Expandable Emergency Evacuation System Series Small Addressable FACP System Series System AND HUMIDITY RANGES system meets NFPA requirements for operation at 0 49 120 and at a relative humidity 93 2 noncondensing at 32 2 90 3 the useful life of the system s standby batteries the electronic components may be adversely affected extreme temperature ranges and humidity Therefore is recommended that this system and its peripherals be in an environment with a normal room of 15 27 80 NCM 1 is designed to comply with the following Standard UL 864 9th Edition LISTINGS AND APPROVALS listings and approvals apply to the modules in this document In some cases certain or applications may not be listed by certain agencies or listing may be in process Consult for latest listing status CS68 S424 FDNY 6175 COA 289 91 E 7165 0028 0141 7165 0028 0153 9001 Certification a complete listing of all approvals and please visit Series Velociti and are registered of Honeywell Inc is a registered trademark Underwriter Laboratories document is not intended be used for installation We try to keep our information up to and accurate We cannot all specific applications anticipate all requirements specifications are subject to without notice more information more about Gamewell FCI NCM 1 and other products by visiting www Gamewell FCI com Gamewell FCI Clintonville Road CT 06472 1610 D 11 17 Honeywell International Inc

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