Gamewell-FCI US Army or Air Force Mass Notification Specification

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DATE 6 29 2009 NAME Typical Military Mass Notification Spec ENGINEER PERSON NUMBER NAME 13850 28 31 00 FIRE ALARM MASS NOTIFICATION SYSTEM ARMY OR AIR FORCE INSTALLATIONS 1 INCLUDES SECTIONS Expandable emergency evacuation fire alarm system Section 13800 Building Automation and Control Section 13900 21 00 00 Fire Suppression Section 27 15 00 Communications Horizontal Cabling DESCRIPTION A new intelligent reporting Style 7 networked fully peer to peer microprocessor fire detection and emergency voice alarm communication system shall installed in accordance with the specifications and as indicated on the Each Signaling Line Circuit SLC and Notification Appliance Circuit NAC to only 80 percent of its total capacity during initial installation Basic Performance Network Communications Circuit NetSOLO Serving Network Nodes using single twisted non shielded 2 conductor cable or connected approved fiber optic cable between nodes in Class A configuration Style 7 Line Circuits SLC Serving Addressable Devices Wired Style 6 A Device Circuits IDC Serving Non addressable Devices to Addressable Monitor Modules Wired Class A NFPA Style Notification Appliance Circuits NAC Serving Strobes and Speakers Class A NFPA Style Z On Style 6 or 7 Class A Configurations Single ground fault or open on Signaling Line Circuit shall not cause system malfunction loss of power or ability to report alarm Signals Arriving at INCC COMMAND CENTER Not be lost following power failure until alarm signal is processed and recorded Operate in peer to peer fashion with other panels and transponders in Each transponder shall store copy of audio evacuation messages and that use centralized message storage and control at main alarm control panel shall not be acceptable Network Node Communications Audio Evacuation Channels and Fire Communications Communicated between panels and transponders on single pair of wires or fiber optic cables enhance system survivability ability to operate on loss of INCC Center short or open of entire riser at INCC Command shall be demonstrated at time of system acceptance testing that are not capable of providing true Style 7 performance for fighter phone communications shall not be acceptable Line Circuits SLC Reside in remote transponders with associated audio zones SLC modules shall operate in peer to peer fashion with all other and transponders in system On loss of INCC Command Center each transponder shall continue communicate with remainder of system including all SLC functions audio messages located in all transponders Systems that provide a Degraded mode of operation upon loss of Command Center or short in riser shall not be acceptable Audio Amplifiers and Tone Generating Equipment Electrically supervised normal and abnormal conditions Amplifiers Located in transponder cabinets serving no more that 3 floors transponder to enhance system survivability reduce required riser simplify installation and reduce power losses in length of speaker Speaker NAC Circuits Arranged such that there is a minimum of 1 circuit per fire alarm zone Notification Appliance Circuits NAC Speaker Circuits and Control Arranged such that loss of any 1 speaker circuit will not cause of any other speaker circuit in system Speaker Circuits Electrically supervised for open and short circuit conditions short circuit exists on speaker circuit it shall not be possible to that circuit for 25 VRMS and shall be power limited in accordance with 20 percent spare capacity for future expansion or increased output requirements Speaker Circuits and Control Equipment Arranged such that loss of any 1 speaker circuit will not cause loss of other speaker circuit in system Systems utilizing bulk audio configurations shall not be acceptable Voice Communication Connect telephone circuits to speaker circuits to allow voice over speaker circuit from telephone handset Capable of remote phone to phone conversations and party line as required Basic System Functional Operation When fire alarm condition is detected and by 1 of the system alarm initiating devices the following functions shall occur Alarm LED Flash Piezo Electric Signal in Control Panel Sound at a pulse rate LCD Display Indicate all information associated with fire condition including type of alarm point and its location within premises Historical Log Record information associated with fire alarm control panel along with time and date of occurrence output programs assigned via control by event equations to be by particular point in alarm shall be executed and the associated outputs alarm notification appliances and or relays shall be Portion of System Sound 3 rounds of slow whoop tone followed by evacuation message and this scenario repeating or other message as by local authority until system is reset Fire Alarm System Functionality complete electrically supervised distributed Style 7 networked fire alarm and control system with analog initiating integral multiple channel voice evacuation and fire fighter phone Alarm System Consist of multiple voice channels with no additional hardware for total of 4 channels multiprocessor based control panels including model E3 including Intelligent Network INCC Command Center s Intelligent Loop Interface ILI MB E3 Intelligent Network INX communicating over peer to peer token ring with capacity of up to 64 nodes ILI MB E3 Node Incorporate 2 Signaling Line Circuits SLC with to support up to 99 analog addressable detectors and 98 modules per SLC Voice Data and Fire Fighter Phone Riser Transmit over single pair of or fiber optic cable Each Intelligent Network Transponder Capable of providing 16 distributed messages fire fighter phones connections SLC loop for audio control and integral network interface Each Network Node Incorporate Boolean control by event programming as a minimum AND OR NOT and Timer functions Control Panels Capability to accept firmware upgrades via connection with computer without requirement of replacing microchips Network Based on peer to peer token ring technology operating at 625 K baud Style 7 configuration Capability of using twisted pair wiring pair of fiber optic cable strands to 200 microns or both to maximize flexibility in system Each Network Node Capability of being programmed off line using Windows based supplied by fire alarm system manufacturer Capability of downloaded by connecting laptop computer into any other node system Systems that require system software to be downloaded to transponder at each transponder location shall not be Capability of being grouped with any number of additional nodes to a Region allowing that group of nodes to act as 1 while peer to peer functionality Systems utilizing Master Slave shall not be acceptable Capability of annunciating all events within its Region or all events from entire network on front panel LCD additional equipment Each SLC Network Node Capability of having integral DACT digital alarm transmitter that can report events in either its region or network to single central station monitoring account Each ILI MB E3 Panel Capability of storing its entire program and allow to activate only devices that are installed during construction further downloading of system Password Protection Each system shall be provided with 4 levels of protection with up to 16 passwords Have the capacity for multiple pre recorded messages at least sixteen 16 but more if required by the DOD installation Pre recorded shall be passed in the English language and for OCONUS also in the predominant language s used by the host nation messages if used should address at least these subjects Bomb threat or actual bomb wi

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