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Cooper Wheelock E60 E60 Speakers Speaker Strobes Speaker Strobes Speaker Meets UL Standards 1971 and 1480 model ADA NFPA ANSI compliant Complies with OSHA 29 Part 1910.165 Ceiling mount strobe models are available with field candela settings of 15 30 75 95cd or cd Multi candela models Strobes produce 1 flash per second over the regulated range 24 VDC with wide UL Voltage using filtered or unfiltered VRMS input voltage Synchronize with the Cooper Wheelock SM and DSM Field selectable taps for 25 or 70 VRMS operation from watt up to 2 watts High efficiency design for maximum output at minimum across a frequency range of 400 to 4000 Hz Fast installation with IN OUT screw terminals using to 18 AWG wires Optional extender E60 Ext is used for mounting on 10.2 cm backboxes with no extension ring ISO 9000 2000 Company E60 Speakers provide high audio output with clear and are designed to meet the critical needs of the safety industry for effective emergency voice communi and tone signaling In addition the strobes provide signaling to alert the hearing impaired Cooper Wheelock Series E60 Ceiling Speakers and Strobes are designed for high efficiency sound with dual voltage 25 70 VRMS capability and field taps from 1 8 to 2 watts These E60 Multi Can ceiling appliances are part of the new family of ceiling strobe appliances that will also be available on horns and horn strobes Optional Extender E60 is for mounting on 4 10.2 cm backboxes with no ring Series E60 Speaker Strobe models incorporate the Current draw Series RSS Strobes These ceiling round models are available in Cooper Wheelock MCC multi candela ceiling strobe with field select intensities of 15 30 75 95cd or the high intensity strobe with field selectable 115 177cd low profile design incorporates a speaker mounting for faster and easier installation Each model has a level adjustment feature and snap on cover with no mounting screws strobe portion of all Series E60 Speaker Strobes may synchronized when used in conjunction with the Coo SM 12 24 R and or DSM 12 24 R sync Cooper Wheelock synchronized strobes offer an way to comply with ADA recommendations concern photosensitive epilepsy E60 Speaker Strobes are UL Listed for indoor use Standard 1971 Signaling Devices for the Hearing and Standard 1480 Speaker Appliances and a Xenon flashtube with solid state circuitry enclosed in rugged Lexan lens to provide maximum reliability for visual signaling All inputs are supervised and IN OUT wiring terminals for fast installation using to 18 AWG wiring Color options for the Series E60 and Speaker Strobes are red and white is a registered trademark of GE Plastics a subsidiary of General Electric Company are for information only are not intended for installation purposes and are subject to change without notice No responsibility is assumed by Gamewell FCI for their use Clintonville Road Northford CT 06472 1610 USA Tel 203 484 7161 Fax 203 484 7118 Honeywell International Inc All rights reserved Rev A page 1 of 3 and Engineer Specifications speaker appliances shall be Cooper Wheelock Series Speakers and the speaker strobe appliances shall be Series E60 Speaker Strobes or equals The speakers shall be UL Listed under 1480 for Fire Protective Service and speakers with strobes shall be listed under UL Standard for Emergency Devices for the Hearing Impaired In the strobes shall be certified to meet the require of FCC Part 15 Class B speakers shall be designed for a field selectable input of 25 or 70 VRMS with selectable power taps from 1 8 to 2 watts All models shall have listed sound output of to 89 dB at 10 feet and a listed frequency response of to 4000 Hz The speaker shall incorporate a sealed construction All inputs shall employ terminals that 12 to 18 AWG wire sizes The strobe portion of the shall produce a flash rate of one 1 flash per over the Regulated Voltage Range and shall incor a Xenon flashtube enclosed in a rugged Lexon The strobe shall be of low current design Where Speaker Strobes are specified the strobe shall have field selectable settings and shall be per UL Standard 1971 15 30 75 95 cd or 115 77 cd ceiling mount The selector switch for selecting the can shall be tamper resistant synchronization is required the strobe portion of the shall be compatible with the Cooper Wheelock s and or DSM 12 24 R sync modules The shall not drift out of synchronization at any time operation If the sync module or power supply fails operate i e contacts remain closed the strobe shall to non synchronized flash rate speaker and speaker strobe appliances shall be for indoor flush mounting The speaker and strobe shall incorporate a speaker mounting plate a snap on grille cover with no visible screws for a aesthetic finish and shall mount to standard electrical finish of the Series E60 Speakers and Speaker shall be white or red All speaker and speaker appliances shall be backward compatible All CAUTIONS and WARNINGS are identified by symbol All warnings are printed in bold capital letters PLEASE READ THESE SPECIFICA AND ASSOCIATED CAREFULLY BEFORE USING OR APPLYING THIS PRODUCT VISIT OR CONTACT COO FOR THE CURRENT INSTALLATION FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH ANY THESE CAUTIONS OR COULD RESULT INSTALLATION AND OR OPERA OF THESE PRODUCTS IN AN EMERGENCY WHICH COULD RESULT IN PROP DAMAGE AND SERIOUS OR TO YOU AND OR OTHERS Notes Strobes are designed to flash at 1 flash per second min over their Voltage Range that NFPA 72 specifies a flash rate of 1 to 2 per second and ADA Guidelines specify a flash of 1 to 3 flashes per second All candela ratings represent minimum effective Strobe based on UL Standard 1971 Series NS Strobe products are listed under UL Standard for indoor use with a temperature range of 32 to 0 to 49 and maximum humidity of 93 2 Voltage Range is the newest terminology by UL to identify the voltage range Prior to this UL used the terminology Voltage 1 Average RMS Current Strobe Current Ceiling Mount MCCH 30cd 177cd 0.070 0.119 0.159 0.195 0.270 vdc max 0.065 0.105 0.189 0.249 0.300 0.420 RMS current ratings are per UL average RMS method max current rating is the maximum RMS current within listed voltage range 16 33v for 24v units For strobes UL max current is usually at the minimum listed voltage for 24v units For audibles the max current is usually the maximum listed voltage 33 v for 24 units For unfil FWR ratings see installation instructions 2 E60 UL Reverberant dBA 10 Feet Speaker Speaker ratings are based on UL testing under UL Standard 1480 79.5 82.5 85 88 Rev A page 2 of 3 Clintonville Road Northford CT 06472 1610 USA Tel 203 484 7161 Fax 203 484 7118 and Ordering Information Sync w and DSM Model Model 1 E60 EXT is an attractive extender ring that mounts behind the peaker to permit mounting to a 4 square x 2 1 8 deep box without a need for an extension ring on the box Accessories Description

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