Gamewell-FCI XP95-I Analog Addressable Smoke Sensor

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Addressable Devices Addressable Ionization Smoke Sensor Gamewell FCI Analog Addressable Ionization Sensor XP95 I is designed for with the Gamewell FCI 600 Series and ILI95 E3 Series fire alarm control Each XP95 I ionization smoke sensor digitally transmits its address and the analog value to the fire alarm control panel FACP for analysis Ionization Sensor head is housed in a molded case built with wind resistant inlets The external alarm indication is a Light Emitting Diode LED that is visible through the housing The Ionization sensor is distinguished by the red LED which flashes briefly when the device is polled and turns on continuously the device is in alarm XP95 I Ionization Sensor uses a dual chamber design The ionization chamber has an inner reference chamber and an outer sensing chamber A single source mounted within the inner reference chamber irradiates air in both to produce positive and negative ions When the smoke particles enter the chamber ions become attached to the smoke particles and the current through the ionization chamber decreases This information is processed and digitally transmitted to the 600 Series or the ILI95 E3 Series FACP can identify the trouble and alarm conditions of the XP95 I Sensors at the FACP fire alarm control panel analyzes the status information of each sensor for off conditions If the sensor reports a condition that matches its programmed signature the FACP reports the sensor trouble and proceeds with its response sequence If the status reported matches the alarm signature FACP initiates the programmed alarm response for the specific device in alarm a sensor is in alarm the integral LED in the sensor housing lights continuously XP95 I Ionization detector can be connected to a two wire SLC carrying both data and a 17V to 28V DC supply voltage It is insensitive to connection polarity A remote LED indicator may be connected The device is compatible with point or group addressable relays and bases Information Analog Addressable Ionization Sensor 55000 550 6 Inch 15.24 cm Ultra Low Profile EZ Fit Mounting Base with X Pert Card 45681 250 4 Inch 10.16 cm Mounting Base with X Pert Addressing Card 45681 2101 6 Inch 15.24 cm Relay Base 4 Wire with X Pert Addressing Card 6 Inch 15.24 cm Mounting Base with X Pert Addressing Card and Audible Alarm Sounder in the base Remote LED 24V Additional Blank X Pert Addressing Cards 6.0 15.24 cm low profile mounting base with XPert addressing card 45681 234 Fits the following ultra Address is stored in the Contains a two color Housed in a wind base LED Address is set by X Pert Offers an optional card LED case Built with a dual design BENEFITS profile E Z fit 4 inch 10.16 cm 6 inch 15.24 cm Provides an audible sounder base Includes a 4 Wire relay Compatible with the Gamewell analog fire alarm panels 600 Series ILI95 E3 Series Technical Specifications Current 280 uA LED Current 2 mA Alarm Output 0.228 5 VDC Rating continuous operating 140 60 continuous operating 32 0 operating non condensation 5 20.55 Humidity 0 95 non condensing SPECIFICATIONS indicated on the plans the contractor will furnish install dual chamber ionization sensors with one of several available addressable mounting base options combination sensor head and twist lock mounting are UL Listed as compatible with the Gamewell FCI Series or ILI95 E3 Series Analog Addressable FACP base permits free interchange of sensor heads requiring any additional wiring or additional of the head or base The Gamewell FCI XP95 I smoke sensor has an LED that turns on the unit goes into alarm XP95 I is designed to comply with the following STANDARDS Standard 864 9th Edition LISTINGS AND APPROVALS listings and approvals apply to the modules in this document In some cases certain or applications may not be listed by certain agencies or listing may be in process Consult factory for the latest listing status Listed S1195 Approved Approved 149 99 E 7271 1703 0157 9001 Certification a complete listing of all approvals and please visit is a registered trademark Underwriters Laboratories document is not intended be used for installation We try to keep our information up to and accurate We cannot all specific applications anticipate all requirements specifications are subject to without notice of origin U S A Gamewell FCI Clintonville Road CT 06472 1610 E 04 19 Honeywell International Inc

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