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Intrusion Systems Conettix C900V2 Dialer Capture Ethernet Module C900V2 Dialer Capture Ethernet Captures alarm and event data from dialer based panels using CONTACT ID SIA Modem II IIe Modem IIIa2 Pulse and other formats Performs full data transmissions without changing the 12 VDC to 24 VDC voltage range Re routes signals using UDP IP based data networks Convenient connection RJ 45 Jack to Ethernet Integrated 10 100 Network Interface Module NIM Provides acknowledgement from the receiver to the panel Supports 128 bit AES Rijndael encryption the Conettix D6600 Communications Receiver receives a message or event it sends an message to the C900V2 The C900V2 an appropriate response to the dialer maintaining acknowledgment C900V2 operates in Intercept Mode connecting the to the network under normal circumstances If the loses contact with the Conettix D6600 Receiver Gateway the unit goes into Mode connecting the dialer to the PSTN telephone Conettix C900V2 Dialer Capture Ethernet Module with most control panels using a standard digital format and provides end to end security The module the digital dialer to the Public Switched Telephone PSTN the digital dialer telephone interface an Ethernet network With the Ethernet link the can Communicate with the control panel dialer Decode and deliver signals to a Conettix D6600 Relay a confirmation message back to the control panel Receiver Gateway a control panel dials through a telephone line or the C900V2 the data remains the same The empowers digital dialer control panels to work over IP network such as a Local Area Network LAN a Wide Network WAN or the Internet Overview the dialer has a message to report the C900V2 dial tone and line voltages causing the dialer to as though it is connected to a monitoring center receiver through the PSTN The C900V2 decodes and the transmitted dialer message to data for over any UDP IP network Conettix C900V2 Dialer Capture Ethernet Module Panel Connection Dialer Output to RJ 31x Jack and PSTN C900V2 Dialer Capture Ethernet Module or LAN Connection WAN or the Internet To Ethernet Network Interface Card NIC PC with Conettix D6200 Programming Administration Software D6680 Ethernet Network Adapter 1 Optional Com 4 Conettix D6600 Communications Receiver Gateway Formats 2300Hz ACK Tone or 1400Hz ACK Tone Contact ID High Speed and 4 2 Express Superfast DTMF 1400 Hz ACK Tone or 2300 Hz ACK Tone 3 1 3 1 Checksum 4 2 1400 Hz ACK Tone or 2300 Hz ACK Tone Modem II Radionics Modem IIe and Modem IIIa2 FSK and DTMF V 21 110 300 baud Bell 103 110 300 baud Description as an end of line EOL supervised loop Detects open short normal states Terminate this input with a 10 k EOL resistor for intercept inhibit to force the C900V2 into Fallback mode at least two minutes for intercept override allowing users to switch between in and fallback modes local annunciation if the power to the C900V2 is lost or CPU fails local annunciation if the connection to the monitoring is lost local annunciation whenever the C900V2 is in intercept from the monitoring center and the Conettix D6200 Software default is open and Fallback Modes Mode The C900V2 connects the dialer to the Intercept mode remains on as long as the remains in continuous contact with the D6600 Communications Receiver Gateway Mode The C900V2 connects the dialer to the line removing itself from the telephone Fallback mode occurs if the C900V2 loses with the Conettix D6600 Communications loses power or stops operating Indicators C900V2 has two dual colored LEDs that indicate the status the SYSTEM LED and the DIALER LED Jacks C900V2 module has three modular jacks Panel Jack Connects to a dialer through a modular Ethernet Jack Connects to the Ethernet data network cord D162 Jack Connects to a PSTN line through a telephone cord D162 an Ethernet cable For 10BASE T the cable be Category 3 or better For 100BASE T the cable be Category 5 or better and Supervision C900V2 polling helps the Conettix D6600 Receiver Gateway to perform Programming Tool web programming tool makes the C900V2 configuration simple and convenient similar to browsing a web site obtaining an Application ID installers can go to from a computer with internet access and the C900V2 for the preferred central station and Approvals EN55022 1998 1996 A1 1998 A2 2003 2001 EN61000 3 2 EN61000 4 2 1995 A1 EN61000 4 3 1995 A1 1998 1995 EN61000 4 5 EN61000 4 6 1996 1994 TBR21 1998 Central Station Alarm Units UL1635 AMCX7 Central Alarm Units Certified for Canada APAW Police Station Alarm Units UL464 APAW7 Police Station Units Certified for Canada cULus Proprietary Alarm Units UL1076 Proprietary Alarm Units Certified Canada cULus NBSX Household Alarm System Units UL1023 Household Burglar Alarm System Certified for Canada cULus UTOU Units and Accessories Household Type UL985 UTOU7 Control and Accessories Household System Certified for Canada cULus 9th edition 180 and 7167 1615 223 197 Certificate No 304 C900V2 Dialer Capture Ethernet Module 3 15 Radiated Conducted Emissions approval applies when the C900V2 is used the Conettix D6600 Communications Notes Information UL Listed Fire Alarm Control Panels FACPs proven compatible with the C900V2 For a complete refer to the Network Dialer Capture Module C900V2 List F01U010036 Specifications Panel Cable Modular Jack Modular Jack Modular Jack twisted pair 100 m 328 ft 10BASE T use Category 3 or better 100BASE T use Category 5 or better Considerations Operating to 49 32 to 120 Status LEDs dual colored Requirements Maximum Range Outputs cm x 11.4 cm in x 4.5 in 802.3 mA VDC to 24 VDC nominal NO dry contacts To LAN or WAN packets Conettix C900V2 Dialer Capture Ethernet Module Information C900V2 Dialer Capture Ethernet with control panels using a stand digital dialer format Provides end to end Allows digital dialer control panels to over an IP network such as LAN WAN the Internet Modular Telephone Cord 61 cm 2 ft telephone cord with a standard on one end Standard Enclosure Gray gray enclosure with keyed lock 35.6 cm x 31.8 cm x 7.6 cm 14 in 12.5 in x 3 in Large Enclosure Red red enclosure with keyed lock Measures cm x 38.1 cm x 10.8 cm 20.7 in x 15 in 4.25 in Security Systems Inc Perinton Parkway New York 14450 USA 1 800 289 0096 1 585 223 9180 Middle East Africa Security Systems B V Box 80002 JB Eindhoven The Netherlands 31 40 2577 284 31 40 2577 330 Bosch SEA Pte Ltd Security Systems Bishan Street 21 573943 65 6258 5511 65 6571 2698 by Bosch Security Systems Inc 2010 Data subject to change without notice Cur en US V18 2 Jul 2010

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