Hochiki FNV-5020 Rev B FNV-BAB

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FNV BAB Audio Interface Class Style Speaker Output FNV BAB provides a single Class Style speaker circuit from a primary amplifier and a back up system requires that the speaker circuit be Class Style with a means of backing up a primary amplifier a back up amplifier the event of a primary amp failure the FNV BAB provides a means to switch a backup amplifier into the system the faulty audio amp maintaining a Class Style speaker output A single backup amp can be in reserve for several primary amps Amplifier outputs are connected at TB2 and speaker field wiring at Supervisory and 24 VDC power inputs are provided at TB3 The on board LED activates when the backup has been switched in All wiring is power limited Mounts on track or with insulating nylon standoffs FNV BAB is compatible with both 25Vrms and 70Vrms audio signals An FNV BAB is mounted in each cabinet that houses a amplifier It is designed to be mounted into 3 track material The board also has mounting holes at the corners for stand off mounts when insulating nylon standoffs would be required Speaker Connections Wattage 100W 1 Spkr Loop return 2 Spkr Loop return 3 Spkr Loop output 4 Spkr Loop output Back Up amplifier Connections Wattage 100W 1 input from primary amp 2 input from primary amp 3 input from backup amp 4 input from backup amp 1 Board 1 Ckt Neg from TB2 1 of primary amp Ckt Neg from TB2 1 of backup amp optional 2 24VDC input from TB2 10 of primary amp 3 Gen input from TB3 7 of primary amp 4 Constant 24 Volt power 24VDC jump to TB3 2 5 Amp active from TB2 4 of primary amp 6 spare input point Aux input from TB2 4 7 inhibit of backup amplifier optional Card BAB 24 VDC 48 mA FNV 5020 Rev B 1 of 2 Village Drive Suite 100 Park CA 90621 2268 Technical Support 2 Typical Connection Detail Speaker Output wattage 100W amp faults are indicated at 10K impedance less wiring connections wire clamp screw 14 18 AWG wire clamp screw 12 18 AWG wire entry terminal 18 26 AWG gauge determined by circuit load from primary amplifier TB 1 5 6 wattage 100W supervised from backup amplifier TB 1 5 6 wattage 100W supervised amp EOLR last EVX BAB Card BAB primary amplifier is an FNV 50 or FNV 100 dipswitch 5 on SN 2 that amp DOWN primary amplifier is an FNV 50E or FNV 100E dipswitch 5 on SN 1 that amp DOWN FNV 5020 Rev B 2 of 2 Village Drive Suite 100 Park CA 90621 2268 Technical Support

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