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G High Rise Voice Evacuation System MP32 Front Panel and Internal View MP32 P Front Panel and Internal View Master Panel Minimum and Maximum Configurations Technical Training Manual of Contents 1 of FNV Voice Evacuation System 2 Programming Guide 3 Configuration What is Voice Evacuation FNV System Data Sheet System Capabilities Typical Riser Diagram Master Panel Distributed Panel DP25 Internal View Four Class Speaker Lines Eight Class Speaker Lines Four Class Speaker Lines Four Dual Class Speaker Lines DP25 P Internal View FPI and Phone Connection Details AMI and Amplifier Connection Details MBK Mounting NetComm Loop Wiring Single Channel and Dual Channel Systems Specifying the FNV System 8 Story Building 32 Story Building 14 Story Building Retrofit Style 4 Single Loop Network Wiring Style 7 Redundant Loop Network Wiring FNV Job Quotation Form System Configuration Form 4 System Description Purpose and Capabilities Master Panel Distributed Panel FNV Panel Components DCC Data Communications Controller ASC Audio System Control MMC Master Microphone Controller MFP Master Fire Phone FPI Fire Phone Interface MBR Mother Board Remote MBK Mother Board Relays AMI Audio Module Interface II Input Interface SSC Switch Scan Card and SLC Switch LED Card A Typical FNV System FNV System Accessories FO Fiber Optic Transceiver ISO Serial Port Isolator LLC LED Annunciator Card ZA Class A Adapter ZAB Dual Class B Adapter BA Backup Amplifier Switcher Cab 42 Oversize Cabinet PWR Power Supply FJ Fire Jack FH Fire Handset TC Handset Cabinet FS Firephone Station WS Warden Station AOR Area of Refuge Station 5 System Commissioning 6 FNV Network Wiring Notes RS 485 Specifications Fiber Optic Notes Speaker DC Supervision Temporal Pattern Signals Relocation Messages Sample FNV Installations UL Listings What is Voice Evacuation evacuation is used to make emergency voice announcements to people inside a The system operates when a fire condition is detected telling people to the building This is accomplished with a microphone amplifier and speakers will sound an alarm tone and then the building manager or fire department keys microphone and broadcasts instructions fire alarm system has been activated to the nearest exit and leave the building immediately messages are very effective in convincing people to take action in an emergency people will ignore bells or horns but will move when a human voice is telling them to do This has been repeatedly proven in numerous studies by universities and safety agencies Hochiki FNV system provides this voice evacuation function and much more a high rise building poses major challenges Elevators are needed for fire use and huge numbers of people scrambling down stairwells is slow can panic and block firefighters from climbing up the stairs was designed and purpose built to address the complex problems in providing life for people in skyscrapers and other large structures evac systems must be much more than speakers and amplifiers First they be supervised so that building management is immediately notified when a problem such as a broken wire or critical component failure Second they must be and Listed for use as life safety systems FNV equipment is tested to tough standards such as Underwriters Laboratories and meets strict standards and codes such as the National Fire Protection NFPA Multiplex 6 Channel Distributed Audio System components added as needed 2 Channel Digital Message Repeater Microphone Page to any zone RS 485 Communication Protocol Supervised Installation and Operation Sound Voice Recordings in Alarm and Alert Signals to 4 Minute Message Capacity with 12VDC or 24VDC Fire Alarm Panel with Analog Addressable and based Fire Alarm Panels Minute Message Restart on Microphone Key in the USA Hochiki FNV High Rise Evacuation System in conjunction with the Fire Alarm Control FACP in a building to provide automatic to life safety emergencies The Hochiki FNV includes all necessary features provide an effective voice evacuation system Hochiki FNV can be custom configured to the needs of any high rise application Fire department authorities can easily take of evacuation or relocation procedures emergencies Building management and fire can monitor and control emergency even before the professionals arrive FNV system includes capacity for 6 channels simultaneous audio This provides for stay in place or other public address and automatic messages Fighter Phones or Warden Stations may be as required VoiceNET High Rise Voice Evacuation System CONTROL Configuration System Includes Master Panel FNV MP Master Mic Control 16 switch control points Dual Channel DMR High speed communication loop Distributed Panel FNV DP 4 Output Zones may be configured for 8 Dual Channel Audio Interface Dual Channel Amplification Optional Integrated Fire Phone Area of Rescue Future Option Fan and Damper system control Future Option Number of distributed panels to be determined by building specifications System Configuration Up to 250 Distributed Panels FNV DP And up to 1000 monitor and control points Village Drive Suite 100 Buena Park CA 90621 2268 714.522.2246 www hochiki com Panel Panel Evacuation Circuits AWG typ FNV Capabilities Loop Pair Low Cap Feet between panels 130 70,000pF max between panels Feet Total System Loop and 6 Audio Channels Simultaneously Speed RS 485 Communications or Style Field Selectable End Control Panel CONTROL AWG Twisted Pair Phone Phone Phone Panel Evacuation Circuits Phone Phone FNV Rise Multiplex Floor Typical Riser Diagram Floor Floor Floor Floor Floor Floor Floor Floor Floor Floor Floor 485 LOOP Fighter Phone Jack Master Panel Panel View CONTROL Master Panel View Master Panel Panel View CONTROL

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