Hochiki HOC FN-LCD-N LCD Network Annunciator (9th Edition)

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FN LCD N LCD NETWORK ANNUNCIATOR FEATURES UL 864 9th edition Listed character liquid crystal display 8 line x 40 indicators for Fire Supervisory Alarm Pre Fire Output Active Power On On Test Panel Silenced Delay Active More Events Point General Trouble Power Trouble System NAC Trouble Dual RS485 ports for primary fire network RS485 slave bus for expansion up to 31 FN 4127 IO or up to 15 FN LCD S serial annunciators and to16 FN 4127 IO boards built in RS 232 interfaces for programming via a PC serial printer interface on board programmable Form C relays rated at 1 at 30VDC Fire Supervisory Trouble controls as the FireNET fire panel Reset Sounder Silence Lamp Test Alarm Silence Alarm Fire Drill Programmable Function Events More Fire Events Enter Exit piezo sounder for event notification user codes firefighter key to enable controls by FireNET Aux 24VDC or UL fire listed 24VDC supply in red or charcoal and can be surface or mounted using trim ring network annunciator any or all panels can be to the FN LCD N In addition each event can be individually routed to the FN LCD N Up to 64 FireNET panels FN LCD N can be together in any combination of auxiliary power available rated at 24VDC feature help alarm information screens drill function FN LCD N is completely independent up to 31 FN 4127 IO boards on RS485 port FN LCD N can be configured to remote reset resound any or all panels on the network in combination FN LCD N type LCD network annunciator is to be used with the FireNET analog system It allows for remote access control of the FireNET system throughout building FN LCD N is a true network annunciator that can monitor control any or all FireNET panels in network Each FN LCD N is completely The highly intuitive user interface and character LCD display of the FN LCD N is exactly same as the FireNET panel In addition to routing panel in the network to the FN LCD N every event within each panel can also be individually as well as routing of all remote control functions alarm silence re sound alarm from individual The FN LCD N supports the same RS485 port as the FireNET panel allowing for expansion boards and accessories to be to the network annunciator FN LCD N also has 4 output relays for fire trouble auxiliary The relays are except supervisory is established by the use of a password or enable key Designed to be aesthetically the FN LCD N is available in charcoal grey red and can be surface or flush mounted using a trim ring kit LISTINGS 864 NFPA 70 72 Device Vol 2 subject to change without notice America Corporation Village Drive Suite 100 Buena Park CA 90621 2268 714 522 2246 Fax 714 522 2268 Support 800 845 6692 or technicalsupport hochiki com on back latest revision at www hochiki com DC Output DC Outputs Port Port Port 270mA Max Aux Power Load 500mA W x 10 H x 3.3 D lbs optional charcoal enclosure line x 40 character LCD 320 characters total RS485 ports 64 nodes max Form C 1amp 30VDC for optional expansion boards SPECIFICATION contractor shall furnish and install where indicated on the plans the network annunciator model FN LCD N FN LCD N shall connect to the FireNET fire alarm control panel FACP network The network annunciator be capable of annunciating on its 320 character display and local buzzer the condition of any FireNET FACP network annunciator on the network Up to 64 FN LCD N network annunciators or FireNET FACP may be together on the network The FN LCD N shall be UL listed and have surface or flush mount capability DIAGRAM America Corporation FN LCD N subject to change without notice

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