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BULLETIN to Serial Converter for FireNET Loop Explorer per the FireNET installation and operation manual Section 9.1 PC Requirements Loop software requires a serial communication port that can be configured as COM 1 8 Due to difficulty in locating laptop PCs with true serial ports Hochiki America Corp has tested recommends the following USB to Serial converter It is critical to check the following items to ensure that the USB to Serial Converter operates properly GUC232A HA Part 0100 04570 IO Gear Download and install the latest USB to Serial converter driver pertaining to the PCs system Example Windows XP 32bit 64bit Window Vista 32bit 64bit or 7 32bit 64bit Manufacturer web link Check the PCs port assignment of the installed USB to Serial converter Example Port 1 2 Port 3 and etc Configure the following settings from the PCs Device Manager you have any questions regarding this matter please contact Technical Support Support Release 09 20 2010 1.00

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