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HZ221 TrueZONE Panel Professional Installation Guide Guide Of CONTENTs and Accessories 1 2 3 5 6 Help assistance with this product please visit http yourhome honeywell com call Honeywell Zoning Hotline toll free at 1 800 828 8367 and save these instructions U S Registered Trademark pending 2008 Honeywell International Inc rights reserved Ratings 18 30 VAC 50 60 Hz transformer of 40 VA more Draw Panel 6.25 VA max VA specifications at 24 VAC solid not stranded wire Ratings to 90 RH non condensing Ratings 20 to 150 29 to 66 40 to 165 40 to 74 below with FCC Class B part 15 requirements 203 TrueZONE panel dimensions in in mm VA and dampers TrueZONE aNd aCCEssOriEs THERMOSTATS DAMPERS AND following are suggested thermostats dampers and for use with the TrueZONE panel 1 Recommended Thermostats Non Programmable Programmable TH5220D TH6220D TH8321U These thermostat models all have different four suffixes All versions of the model numbers listed will work with the applications they re listed for Rectangular 2 Recommended Dampers recommended call the Zoning at Static pres regulat damper 3 Maximum Dampers Temp Maximum Damper VA per Zone 38 71 Use an SDCR Slave Damper Control Relay for addi dampers Maximum dampers per panel is limited by transformer Ensure transformer is large enough to power the panel 4 Accessories C7735A1000 VA transformer VA transformer Air Sensor Included in HZ221K kit Damper Control Relay Guide the HZ221 TrueZONE near the HVAC equip locate it on a wall roof truss or cold air The HZ221 panel can be in any orientation it for appearance only PANEL MOUNT PANEL MOUNT LOCATION the zone panel cover from the base and use the base as a template to drill mounting holes the base to the wall stud roof truss or duct with appropriate screws not included two screws for attaching to a stud or roof truss or screws for duct or drywall plaster installations must comply with applicable codes ordinances and regulations Voltage Hazard cause electrical shock or equipment damage Disconnect power before beginning installation entire panel before applying transformer power thermostats using instructions provided with thermostats thermostat to zone panel To connect wire to the panel strip 1 4 in of insulation and push wire into terminal To wire press the button on top of the terminal In retrofit applica trim end of wire if not straight the thermostat has separate E and Aux terminals install a jumper the two terminals TrueZONE 2 THERMOSTAT can be run behind the panel through channels on the panel s sides and be attached to a wiring anchor with a tie dampers using instructions provided dampers Connect dampers to zone Multiple dampers can be wired in OR ZD DAMPER POWER CLOSED OR ZD DAMPER SPRING OPEN POWER CLOSED OR MARD DAMPER COMMON OPEN CLOSED DATS as shown Guide equipment as shown DS BK terminal is used with a variable speed fan to the DS BK or ODD terminal on the furnace When only one zone calls for heat cool or the DS BK terminal operates the fan at low speed reduce airflow Connect transformer as shown TRANSFORMER following diagram is an overall view of wiring for a heat pump system as depicted in steps 3 VOLT TRANS HEAT RELAY PUMP R COMMON OPEN CLOSED OR MARD DAMPER OR ZD DAMPER 2 THERMOSTAT VOLT TRANS HEAT RELAY PUMP 1 2 HEAT HEAT OVERRIDE HZ221 TrueZONE panel contains an LED display that communicates system and zone status The LEDs indicate following information TrueZONE 1 2 EM HEAT 1 2 HEAT 5 LED Operation when in heat when DATS temperature exceeds 120 and calling for heat pump only when DATS temperature exceeds 160 and calling for heat pump and auxiliary At 150 66 auxiliary heat is disabled when in cool Blinking when 45 7 DATS limit mode has been reached when in operation when in purge lasts 2 minutes at power up after a call for heat or cool Blinking when the sensor has failed or the wires are shorted or Will blink for 3 minutes at power up if DATS not present green when open or opening red when closed or closing amber when there is a damper or thermo short circuit circuit breaker trip when in Em Heat mode Zones 2H 1C of this information is also listed on the label on the of the HZ221 cover the zone panel cover is off the EMERGENCY HEAT PURGE OVERRIDE button visible the panel is in Purge at startup or after a call for heat cool pressing this but stops the Purge which saves time during installation or troubleshooting other times pressing the button puts the zone panel into Em Heat mode so that calls for heat are handled by the auxiliary heat 1 2 3 display Status LED Heat LED LED Cool LED LED Purge LED LED Heat LED Em Heat M

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