Honeywell Thermostat Lyric™ Wi-Fi T5 (RCHT8610WF) Quick Install Guide

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Quick Install GuideLyric T5 Wi Fi ThermostatFor more information visit yourhome honeywell com lyricfirealarmresources com in your box and Install T5 the most from Lyric T5 Wi Fi Thermostat programming options that fit your lifestyle Location Based scheduling The Lyric thermostat uses your smart location to know when you away and saves you energy Through technology it senses your return and helps make you comfortable arrival You can always manually change your preset Home and Away either on the thermostat or on the app Smart scheduling Use a combination of geofencing and time scheduling fit your busy active lifestyle Time Based scheduling Program your thermostat for one week each day day is a different schedule Mon Fri Sat Sun or Mon Fri Sat Sun days with four adjustable periods per day No scheduling Control your comfort manually by adjusting temperature points only Alerts Push notifications remind you of filter changes and warn you of indoor temperatures Response Learns your heating and cooling system to deliver the opti temperature at the right time Change From Heat to Cool Automatically determine if your home needs or cooling to provide maximum comfort you will need screwdriver head screwdriver install your and wiring may need Wi Fi Lyric app configure your and connect your smartphone stripper pliers and bit 7 32 in ELECTRICAL HAZARD cause electrical shock or equipment damage Disconnect power before beginning installation EQUIPMENT DAMAGE HAZARD protection is bypassed during testing To prevent equipment damage avoid cycling the quickly MERCURY NOTICE this product is replacing a control that contains mercury in a sealed tube do not place the old in the trash Contact your local waste management authority for instructions regarding and proper disposal 24 VAC POWER WIRE Compatible with most heating cooling and heat pump systems Required 24 VAC power wire Does not work with electric baseboard heat 120 240V Does not work with millivolt systems Does not support Universal Input S terminals for indoor and outdoor sensors Does not support Universal Relay U terminals for ventilation Android or iOS smartphone tablet or device help contact yourhome honeywell com support MyLyric honeywell com 1 800 633 3991 Twitter Honeywell Home Facebook Honeywell Home box your old thermostat power OFF protect yourself and your equipment off the power at the breaker box switch that controls your heating system Check that your system is off the temperature on your old If you don hear the system on within 5 minutes the power off If you have a digital thermostat has a blank display skip this step your old thermostat from the plate most thermostats you can take off thermostat by grasping and gently Some thermostats may have buttons or clasps not remove any wires from your at this time o 3 8 4 nut black wire of jumper R RC Make sure there are no wires you have thick black wires with nuts your thermostat 120V or higher you answered yes to either of these you have a line voltage and the Lyric thermostat will work you are unsure visit a picture of how your wiring right now sure to include the letters next the terminals where the wires inserted This will be a helpful when wiring your Lyric If the color of your wires has faded if 2 terminals have the same wire use the wire labels provided in package to label each wire any jumpers jumper connects one terminal to terminal It may look like a staple or even a colored wire and be removed before continuing a screwdriver to release wires from Lyric thermostat does not jumpers if you have wires in the following terminals not include jumpers as a part of your count The Lyric thermostat does not jumpers Wire Color Write down the color of the wires mark the wires that are connected to terminals Next to the check mark down the color of the wire Do not include jumpers as a part of your count all that apply Not all will apply Color Color and U terminals are not supported with this thermostat there are wires in terminals that are not listed you will need additional support Visit yourhome honeywell com support to find out if the Lyric will work for you or L A or AUX Disconnect the wires and remove the old wall plate a screwdriver to release wires from terminals To prevent wires from falling back into the wall wrap the wires a pencil your Lyric T5 Wi Fi Thermostat T5 Wi Fi Bundle and insert wires through UWP open the UWP and insert the of wires through the back of UWP sure at least 1 4 inch of each is exposed for easy insertion the wire terminals the wall anchors is recommended that you use the anchors included in the box to your thermostat can use the UWP to mark where want to place the wall anchors Level the wall plate Mark the location of the wall using a pencil Drill the holes Insert wall anchors Make sure anchors are flush with Use a 7 32 drill bit Set R switch position and insert R wire or wires the R switch up or down based on your wiring notes in Step 7 wires into the inner holes of the terminals on the UWP The tabs will down once the wire is inserted you have 1 R wire R Rh or Rc Set R switch to up position your R wire Rh or Rc into you have 2 R wires R or Rh and Rc Set R switch the down your Rc wire Rc terminal your R or Rh into R Terminal Connect remaining wires from Step 8 Do not mount the UWP to the wall to connecting the wires wiring is just an example wiring may vary the tabs to put the wires into the holes of their corresponding termi on the UWP one wire per terminal it is firmly in place tug on the wires to verify they secure If you need to release the wires push down the terminal tabs on sides of the UWP Mount the UWP and close the door the UWP using the provided Install all three screws for a fit on your wall Close the door you finished o 3 8 4 3x 8 Attach your thermostat the thermostat onto the and firmly snap it into place Turn your power ON on the power at the breaker box switch that controls the heating system box Return to the thermostat to the thermostat Confirm the shows START SETUP If it does to with Lyric App on 15 your thermostat does not show SETUP please contact support with Lyric App Setup with app START SETUP on thermostat to setup with app Yes on the USE LYRIC screen thermostat is now ready to be configured using the Honeywell Lyric app Download the Lyric app from the App store or Google play Open the Honeywell Lyric app Your thermostat should appear under Found Tap SET UP NOW as shown below to continue If your doesn appear tap INSTALL A DEVICE and follow the prompts continue

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