Honeywell Thermostat RTH7400D Owner’s Manual

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RTH7400D Thermostat GUIDE RTH7400D Thermostat provides electronic control of 24 Vac and cooling systems or 750 mV heating systems assistance with your Honeywell product please visit or call Honeywell Customer Care free at 1 800 468 1502 and Save these Instructions Pending U S Registered Trademark 2004 Honeywell International Inc Rights Reserved for Installation 3 Important Instructions 5 Old Thermostat 6 Special Instructions 7 Old Thermostat Wires 10 New Wallplate to Wall 11 Wires to New Wallplate 15 Batteries 23 New Thermostat to Wallplate 24 Installer Setup 26 Assistance 62 One Year Warranty 63 1 Prepare for Installation Check that the following items are included SCREWS 2 WALL ANCHORS 2 GUIDE LABELS CARD GUIDE OFF POWER to system at the furnace or at the fuse circuit panel before you begin the letter of your old thermostat wire with the terminal of the letter on your new thermostat or base t and save these instructions any of the items shown above are missing call Customer Care at 1 800 468 1502 returning the thermostat to the store 1 Prepare for Installation Cont Check that you have everything required for the Two AA alkaline batteries No 2 Phillips screwdriver and standard pocket Drill bit cid 151 use 3 16 in for drywall use 7 32 in for Drill Level optional Hammer Pencil Electrical tape 2 Follow Important Instructions Do not connect the wires to the new thermostat on wire color because damage can occur to heating and or cooling system Installation Instructions explain later how to the enclosed wire labels to correctly mark the connected to your old thermostat THERMOSTAT NOT WIRE THERMOSTAT ON COLOR 3 Remove Old Thermostat Turn off power at the heating and or cooling system fuse circuit breaker panel Remove the cover from the old thermostat Remove the old thermostat from the wall or wall Do not remove the wires THERMOSTAT R NOTICE you are replacing a thermostat that contains mercury a sealed tube do not place your old thermostat in the your local waste management authority for regarding recycling and the proper disposal an old thermostat containing mercury in a sealed 4 Follow Special Instructions you have two C and or C1 wires connected to old thermostat do not connect them to your thermostat Disconnect the C and or C1 wires Make sure they not touch each other or any other wires Wrap the bare end of each C and or C1 wire with tape THERMOSTAT HOLE NOT CONNECT TO NEW 4 Follow Special Instructions Cont you have only one C and or C1 wire connected to old thermostat connect this wire to C on the thermostat THERMOSTAT HOLE TO THE C ON THE THERMOSTAT 4 Follow Special Instructions Cont you find any wires not connected to your old do not connect them to your new Wrap the end of the wires that are not connected electrical tape THERMOSTAT DESIGNATION TERMINAL HOLE NOT CONNECTED NOT CONNECT TO THERMOSTAT 5 Label Old Thermostat Wires As you disconnect each wire use the enclosed wire to wrap a wire label around each wire that the letter designation Do not allow the to fall into the wall opening after the wires are Remove any remaining part of the old thermostat the wall THERMOSTAT LABEL HOLE connecting the wires to the new refer to the wire labels Do not wires to your new thermostat based on color of the wire 6 Mount New Wallplate to Wall Separate the wallplate from the thermostat as HOLE 6 Mount New Wallplate to Wall Cont Pass the labeled wires through the wire hole on the OPENING HOLE WIRES 6 Mount New Wallplate to Wall Cont Position the wallplate on the wall with the arrow up Level the wallplate for appearance and mark the two mounting holes with pencil LEVEL ON TABS 2 6 Mount New Wallplate to Wall Cont Move the wallplate aside and drill holes at the marked on the wall Drill 3 16 in holes for or 7 32 in holes for plaster Tap the wall anchors into the drilled holes until even the wall surface 2 2 2 Position the wallplate over the wall anchors the mounting screws into the wall anchors leveling if desired and tighten the mounting 7 Connect Wires to New Wallplate Match the labeled wires to the letter designations the wallplate Select the correct letter designations to follow for system If you have a standard heating and or system use the CONVENTIONAL letter If you have a heat pump system use HEAT PUMP letter designations to wire the new table on page 30 to help you determine if have a CONVENTIONAL or HEAT PUMP 7 Connect Wires to New Wallplate Cont wires are to be connected to both Rc and R the Rc and R screw terminals and remove metal jumper wire only one of the terminals Rc or R is to be leave the metal jumper wire in place BLOCK TERMINALS JUMPER WIRE Step 7 Connect Wires to New Wallplate Cont Loosen the screw terminals Insert the labeled into the holes on the side of the terminal block match the letter designations Tighten the terminals any of the labeled wires do not match the letter see next page for wire connections WIRES BLOCK TERMINALS HOLE WIRE IN HOLE 7 Connect Wires to New Wallplate Cont Compare letter designations on your old and new Use the information below if you are a CONVENTIONAL System Use the on page 20 if you are wiring a Heat system designations the new thermostat letter on labeled wires

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