Honeywell Thermostat RTH8500 Wi-Fi Series User Manual

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User Guide Touchscreen Thermostat Wi Fi Series the box you will find Thermostat Wallplate attached to thermostat Screws and anchors Coin cell battery inside the back the thermostat Quick Start Guide Thermostat ID Card Wire labels User Guide on your purchase of a Wi Fi touchscreen programmable When registered to Honeywell Connect Comfort Solutions you can monitor and control the heating and system in your home or business stay connected to your comfort system you go Total Connect Comfort is the solution if you travel frequently own vacation home a business or manage an property or if you are simply looking peace of mind thermostat works with common 24 volt systems such as forced air hydronic pump oil gas and electric It will not work with millivolt systems such as a gas or with 120 240 volt systems such as baseboard electric heat thermostat contains a Lithium battery which may contain Perchlorate material Material handling may apply www dtsc ca gov hazardouswaste perchlorate NOTICE Do not place your old thermostat in the trash if it contains in a sealed tube Contact the Thermostat Recycling Corporation at www or 1 800 238 8192 for information on how and where to and safely dispose of your old thermostat To avoid possible compressor damage do not run air conditioner if the temperature drops below 50 10 help wifithermostat com or call 1 855 733 5465 for assistance before returning the to the store of contents your new thermostat screen quick reference 5 energy saving schedules 6 your thermostat 8 to your Wi Fi network 26 your thermostat online 31 filter reminder intervals 43 the screen 44 thermostat 45 Wi Fi 46 features 48 functions and options 51 asked questions 59 center messages 62 65 warranty 71 the clock 36 the fan 37 system mode 38 program schedules 39 schedules temporarily 40 schedules permanently 41 vacation hold 42 of your Wi Fi thermostat your new thermostat you can Connect to the Internet to monitor and control your heating cooling system View and change your heating cooling system settings View and set temperature and schedules Receive alerts via email and get automatic upgrades new thermostat provides Smart Response Technology Compressor protection Heat cool auto changeover screen quick reference your Wi Fi thermostat is installed it will display the home screen Portions of this will change depending on how you are viewing it To change settings simply press appropriate area lightly with your finger center status fan mode system mode schedules is on does not when off settings schedule clock screen for cleaning you change the lighting function the screen is always lit at low intensity When you the screen the screen brightens energy saving schedules thermostat is pre set with energy saving program settings for four time periods the default settings can reduce your heating cooling expenses if used as directed may vary depending on geographic region and usage Heat Settings Cool Settings am am change the settings see pages 39 pm pm up your thermostat up your Wi Fi programmable touchscreen thermostat is easy It is preprogrammed ready to go as soon as it is installed and registered your thermostat it to your home wireless network online for remote access you begin you may want to watch a brief installation video the QR Code at the front of this guide or go to your thermostat might need the following tools to install this thermostat No 2 Phillips screwdriver Small pocket screwdriver Pencil Level optional Hammer optional Electrical tape optional for plaster optional Drill and bits 3 16 for drywall Switch OFF power to your system To protect your equipment OFF the power to your heating system at the breaker box or system switch power your thermostat Remove old thermostat faceplate leave wires connected Take a picture of the wire for later reference If no wire is connected to a labeled C or no C exists on the old view the Alternate videos at C wire is required and the primary power source for thermostat Without a C wire thermostat will not power up you have an older thermostat with a mercury tube turn to page 2 proper disposal instructions your thermostat Label wires not label by wire color Use supplied sticky tags to label wire as you disconnect it wires according to the old terminal designations by wire color If no tag matches a designation write the letter on a blank tag Remove wallplate the old wallplate from wall after all wires have been and disconnected tag tags your thermostat Separate Wi Fi thermostat and its your new thermostat grasp the holds on the top and bottom of wallplate with one hand and the front with the other hand pieces apart holds back view your thermostat Mount wallplate for Wi Fi thermostat your new wallplate using and anchors included with the necessary 3 16 in holes for drywall 7 32 in holes for plaster You may be able to use your wall anchors Hold the wallplate to the existing anchors to check for PUMP your thermostat The Wi Fi thermostat requires a C wire to operate The C or common wire 24 VAC power to the thermostat Many older mechanical or battery operated do not require a C wire If you don have a C wire try Looking for an unused wire that is pushed into the wall Connect that wire to C and that it is connected to the 24 VAC common at your heating cooling system the video section at wifithermostat com Not all heating cooling systems label the 24 VAC common C Check your system or contact the manufacturer to find out which terminal is the 24 VAC common the Alternate Wiring videos at wifithermostat com videos conventional heating cooling systems natural gas oil or electric f

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