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TL8100 DAY PROGRAMMABLE HYDRONIC THERMOSTAT DESCRIPTION thermostat can be used to control the following heating gas oil or electric systems hot water heating hot air system with no fan control millivolt system e g gas fireplace electric heating up to 1200 W 240 V max GUIDE buttons and day and preset TEMPERATURE DISPLAY SETTING Temperatures thermostat has 3 preset temperatures Temperature thermostat normally the measured temperature To view setpoint temperature press either of the The setpoint will appear for 5 during the display adjust the setpoint press one of the temperature is displayed buttons until the temperature value temperature temperature temperature use a preset temperature the corresponding button and the corresponding icon will be displayed 20 18 10 The or change a preset temperature Set the desired temperature using the Press and hold the corresponding button the icon is displayed on the screen approximately seconds buttons or SET THE TIME AND DAY Set the time using the HOUR and MINUTE buttons Set the day using the DAY button AUTOMATIC MODE automatic mode if you want the to follow the programmed The thermostat will switch from the temperature to the Economy or vice versa according to the use the automatic mode press the button repeatedly until on the screen Bypass can bypass the temperature setpoint of the current period the thermostat is in Automatic mode or button until the desired do so press one of is displayed or select a preset temperature by the corresponding button can cancel the bypass by pressing the Manual Auto twice before it cancels automatically at the start of the period Programming can program up to 4 periods in a day The Comfort is used in periods 1 and 3 and the Economy is used in periods 2 and 4 The start time of each can be different for each day of the week To select another day press Day NOTE To select all 7 days hold Day for 3 seconds When 7 days are selected the start time of the period being will be the same every day To select another period press Program Press Hour and Min to set the start time for the displayed If you want the thermostat to skip a period press the time display of the displayed period becomes Press Manual Auto to exit you do not press any button for 60 seconds the will automatically exit the programming and save any changes made MANUAL MODE manual mode the programmed schedule is followed Use this mode if you wish to set temperature manually or maintain the temperature all the time use the manual mode press the Manual button repeatedly until the hand icon on the screen one of buttons until the desired is displayed or select a preset by pressing the corresponding button or VACATION MODE Vacation mode the thermostat is set to the temperature There are 2 ways to the thermostat in Vacation mode each day enter the time you wake up period 1 the time leave for work period 2 the time you return home 3 and the time you go to sleep period 4 Press From the remote control system or home on the thermostat system Temperature Comfort Economy Comfort Economy up home home For periods 1 and 3 set the start time earlier by at 15 minutes for every 2 1 that the temper needs to rise For example if you lower the by 6 3 at night and you wake up 7 00 a m set period 1 to 6 15 a m Press Program to enter the programming mode The will display MO Monday and PROG 1 period The Vacation mode can only be remotely if it has been remotely BATTERY REPLACEMENT icon appears when the must be The icon on the display for days Afterwards the will cut power the heating system time and programming saved for the first 15 when the are removed SPECIFICATIONS resistive load 5 A 24 VDC 120 VAC 240 VAC inductive load 2 A 24 VDC 120 VAC 240 VAC 0.4 Compatible with millivolt system input 12 VDC 10 2.5 mA setpoint range 40 to 85 5 to 30 display resolution 0.1 degree temperature 32 to 122 0 to 50 95 R H temperature 4 to 122 20 to 50 CE c UL us index IP 40 WARRANTY warrants this product excluding battery to be free defects in the workmanship or materials under normal and service for a period of five 5 years from the date of by the consumer If at any time during the warranty the product is determined to be defective or Honeywell shall repair or replace it at option the product is defective it with a bill of sale or other dated proof of purchase the place from which you purchased it or call Honeywell Customer Care at 1 800 468 1502 Care will make the determination whether the should be returned to the following address Return Goods Dock 4 MN10 3860 1885 Dr N Golden Valley MN 55422 or whether a product can be sent to you warranty does not cover removal or reinstallation costs warranty shall not apply if it is shown by Honeywell that defect or malfunction was caused by damage which while the product was in the possession of a sole responsibility shall be to repair or replace the within the terms stated above HONEYWELL SHALL BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE OF ANY INCLUDING ANY INCIDENTAL OR DAMAGES RESULTING DIRECTLY OR FROM ANY BREACH OF ANY WARRANTY OR IMPLIED OR ANY OTHER FAILURE OF PRODUCT Some states do not allow the exclusion or of incidental or consequential damages so this may not apply to you WARRANTY IS THE ONLY EXPRESS WARRANTY MAKES ON THIS PRODUCT THE DURATION ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES INCLUDING THE OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE IS HEREBY LIMITED TO THE DURATION OF THIS WARRANTY Some states not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts the above limitation may not apply to you warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may other rights which vary from state to state you have any questions concerning this warranty please Honeywell Customer Relations 1985 Douglas Dr Valley MN 55422 or call 1 800 468 1502 In Canada Retail Products ON15 02H Honeywell Limited Limit 35 Dynamic Drive Scarborough Ontario ASSISTANCE you have any questions about the operation of your please go to http yourhome honeywell com call Honeywell Customer Care toll free at 1 800 468 1502 and Control Solutions International Inc Douglas Drive North Valley MN 55422 Limited Honeywell Limit Dynamic Drive Ontario M1V 4Z9 U S Registered Trademark 2010 Honeywell International Inc M S 03 10 in U S A HYDRONIQUE PROGRAMMABLE SUR 7 DESCRIPTION thermostat peut utilis pour r les syst de suivants Syst gaz mazout ou Chauffage eau chaude Syst air chaud sans commande de ventilateur Syst millivolts chemin gaz par exemple Chauffage jusqu 1200 W 240 V max DE L UTILISATEUR de de temp de de de la et jour

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