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EConnect TL9160ARWireless Programmable Non programmable ThermostatOperating Manual Fran voir la page 25 Espa vea la p 4969 2475EFS 03firealarmresources com Manual you begin you know your thermostat configuration know whether your new thermostat is configured in mode or non programmable mode look the time and day display on the thermostat screen If time and day appear on the screen the thermostat is as a programmable thermostat to the table of contents on the next page for that apply to your thermostat configuration Help assistance with this product please visit http yourhome honeywell com call Honeywell Customer Care toll free at 1 800 468 1502 TL9160AR voir la page 25 Espa vea la p 49 of contents operation display in non programmable mode 4 the temperature 5 mode 6 mode display in programmable mode 8 the heating schedule 9 the time and the date 10 the heating schedule 12 Hold 14 Hold 15 the heating schedule 16 setup 18 the batteries 20 case of difficulty 21 limited warranty 22 information 23 Manual display in non programmable mode your thermostat is configured programmable mode see more on page 8 temperature temperature temperature outdoor sensor Indicator number of flames depends on heating intensity The image when heating stops temperature thermostat settings are totally partially locked button to decrease the temperature button to increase the temperature button to place in countdown mode see page 6 not appear if the thermostat is locked the temperature TL9160AR temperature or to set the temperature Manual mode Countdown to set a new temperature and to select the time you wish to hold this setting The thermostat will return to its previous or programmed temperature at the end of the countdown time The countdown time is selectable from 15 to 14 days Countdown mode is not available when the thermostat is locked Press Countdown Select the countdown time Set the temperature mode cont TL9160AR countdown changes in real to show the time Cancel any time to the Countdown mode can change the countdown and temperature any time Manual display in programmable mode thermostat displays the current time and day when the thermostat is configured in mode When the thermostat is following the schedule it also displays the period of the schedule Wake Leave Return or Sleep The period is not displayed the thermostat is placed in Temporary Hold or Permanent Hold of the schedule time and day Schedule when the thermostat is following the Hold See page 14 Hold See page 15 button to access the menu to set the time date and the schedule menu button is not available when the thermostat is locked page 4 for the description of the other items on the thermostat display TL9160AR the heating schedule Schedule appears on the screen when the thermostat is following the programmed Your thermostat has been programmed with an energy saving schedule which reduce your heating expenses to Friday Tu We Th Fr and Sunday Su time time AM 6h AM 8h PM 18h PM 22h 21.0 16.5 21.0 16.5 AM 8h 21.0 PM 22h 16.5 schedule consists of 4 periods per day which represents a typical weekday However can program the thermostat to skip cancel the periods that do not apply to your For example Leave and Return periods are skipped for the weekend in the schedule You can choose a different program every day i e each period can have different starting time and a different temperature every day Manual the time and the date Press Menu Select Date Time Set the hour Set the minutes Copy will appear only if the thermostat is linked to a remote control or an outdoor sensor the time and the date cont TL9160AR Set the year Set the month Set the day of month Enable disable Saving When this function is enabled the thermostat switches to daylight savings time on the second Sunday of and to normal time on the first Sunday of November When the function is disabled the thermostat the normal time all year long Manual the heating schedule Press Menu Select Schedule Select the day or group you wish modify Select the period wish to modify The groups are Mo Fr Sa Su and Mon Su Selecting a group will apply the changes to all the days within group the heating schedule cont TL9160AR Set the time Set the Select another period press Exit to go to day selection menu 3 When all changes done press Exit you return to the screen you wish to clear a period e g you may want to skip the Leave and Return if you stay home all day select the period step 4 and press and The time and temperature settings appear as dashes when the period cleared Wake period cannot be erased Manual Hold Temporary Hold mode to temporarily bypass the schedule and set a new The thermostat will hold the new temperature during the current period The will resume the heating schedule when the next period starts or if you press Press or until the temperature is Press Temporary any time you can press to follow the schedule Hold Permanent Hold mode to bypass the schedule and set a new temperature for an period of time To resume the heating schedule press Cancel TL9160AR Press or until the temperature is Press Permanent any time you can press to follow the schedule Manual the heating schedule

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