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V4062A B D Fluid Power Valve Actuator DATA The standard model has an opening time of seconds at 60 Hz or 32 seconds at 50 Hz A fast model is available with timings of seconds at 60 Hz or 16 seconds at 50 Hz Maximum closing time is one second which meets standard insurer requirements Damper shaft models are available with or without return shaft extends out both sides and rides Delrin bushings used with standard damper crank part no 7616BR Red OPEN indicator attached to the actuator stem when the valve is even slightly open yellow indicator on the valve stem shows only when gas valve is fully closed Ambient temperature range is 40 cid 176 to 150 cid 176 F 40 cid 176 to C for 60 Hz models 10 cid 176 to 158 cid 176 F 23 cid 176 to 70 cid 176 C for Hz and 50 60 Hz models Models available with factory adjusted field single pole double throw spdt auxiliary rated at 1 2 hp 0.37 kW Auxiliary switch can added in the field Low fire position is adjustable with adjusting wrench no 135796 included with the actuator Standard enclosure meets NEMA 1 IP30 general requirements V4062 V5055C E and V4062 V5097C E combinations with a proof of closure switch and double seal valve seal overtravel interlock to meet code standard insurer requirements Model available to be used with series 60 floating controller Model available with adjustable maximum flow 1 1 2 Information 2 4 5 6 7 and Checkout 8 V4062 Gas Valve Actuator in combination with a V5055 V5097 Gas Valve provides three position control of the supply to commercial and industrial burners When energized the V4062 Actuator opens the V5055 Gas Valve to the low fire position The actuator the valve to the fully open position when the voltage contacts are made When used with the V5055 V5097 or VE5000 Gas the combination is rated for final safety shutoff Although the V4062 can be used with all V5055 or Valve models the V5055 V5097B with guide is recommended for optimum and low fire repeatability U S Registered Trademark 1998 Honeywell Inc All Rights Reserved HI LO OFF FLUID POWER GAS VALVE ACTUATOR specifications given in this publication do not normal manufacturing tolerances this unit may not exactly match the listed Also this product is tested and under closely controlled conditions and minor differences in performance can be if those conditions are changed HI LO OFF Gas Valve Actuator HI LO OFF Gas Valve Actuator high pressure HI LO OFF Gas Valve Actuator with proof of switch Use with V5055 V5097C E double gas valves for valve seal overtravel interlock Do use V4062 with V5034 Valve body Ratings V4062A D Actuators Table 1 Hz 26 second opening Hz 32 second opening 1 Standard V4062A D Actuators 60 Hz Hz Hz 160 110 V4062A D Actuators Table 2 Hz 13 second opening Hz 16 second opening 2 Fast opening V4062A D Actuators Hz Hz Hz Hza Hzb 230V 50 Hz power supply 230V 60 Hz power supply V4062B Actuators Table 3 Hz 13 second opening Hz 16 second opening 3 Fast opening V4062B Actuators 50 60 Hza 50 60 Hzb 230V 50 Hz power supply 230V 60 Hz power supply Ratings Of Valve Actuator Combinations Table 4 INFORMATION purchasing replacement and modernization products from your TRADELINE wholesaler or distributor refer to the Catalog or price sheets for complete ordering number you have additional questions need further information or would like to comment on our products or services please write or Your local Home and Building Control Sales Office check white pages of your phone directory Home and Building Control Customer Logistics Inc 1885 Douglas Drive North Minnesota 55422 4386 612 951 1000 Canada Limited Honeywell Limit 155 Gordon Baker Road North York Ontario M2H 3N7 Sales and Service Offices in all principal cities of the world Manufacturing in Australia Canada Finland France Japan Mexico Netherlands Spain Taiwan United Kingdom U S A HI LO OFF FLUID POWER GAS VALVE ACTUATOR 4 Pressure Ratings of Valve Actuators Combinations Actuatora Actuator V5097A C 3 4 to 3 in 4 in V5097B 3 4 to 3 in 4 in 3 4 1 1 1 4 1 1 2 in 3 4 in to 2 in V5097D E 2 2 1 2 3 in Use a V4062D with proof of closure switch with a V5055 V5097C or E with double seal for valve seal interlock Maximum operating pressure differential Maximum closeoff pressure without seal leakage this is the maximum allowable pressure drop to which a valve may be while fully closed and is independent of the valve body rating Switch And Proof Of Closure Switch Ratings Table 5 Opening Time Models 26 sec at 60 Hz 32 sec at 50 Hz Models 13 sec at 60 Hz 16 sec at 50 Hz 5 Auxiliary Switch and Proof of Closure Ratings 1 2 hp 0.37 kW a Load Rotor Maximum total connected power to both switches if used Time sec maximum Shaft directly to V5055 V5097 Valve with two setscrews 90 degrees apart and actuator can be mounted in any position 220 to 240 Vac 50 60 Hz models must be mounted 1800 VA Dimensions Fig 1 Adjustment inch to 0.64 inch with respect to V5055 V5097B valve stem travel The low fire position of the V5055 V5097A C D and Valves differ from the V5055 V5097B Check the flow curves and match the low fire position to burner design and valve application in sq 9.5 mm for use with 7616BR Damper Crank not included Models available with or without shaft return spring Damper Shaft Rotation angular degrees Force 2 11 16 in 68.3 mm radius for 7616BR Damper Arm ordered separately Damper shaft drives damper crank arm in one only optional return spring is available on shaft to turn damper crank arm in opposite See Table 6 6 Actuator Torque With and Return Spring return return spring F to 20 cid 176 F C to 7 cid 176 C F to 150 cid 176 F C to 66 cid 176 C HI LO OFF FLUID POWER GAS VALVE ACTUATOR 171.5 127.0 32.5 1 2 INCH 4 4 IN 101.6 MM CLEARANCE FOR ACTUATOR REMOVAL A B A B SIZE

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