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CT87A B J Round Thermostat VOLTAGE 15 TO 30 VAC AND MOUNTING HARDWARE Instructions that you have the thermostat the compatibility chart verify that you purchased correct CT87Thermostat for heating cooling system If are unsure which model is for your system visit or call Honeywell Care at system only Gas or oil fueled warm air steam or hot heat only Electric air conditioning and cooling Gas or oil fueled warm air or hot water heat with electric air conditioning stage heat pump Outdoor heating cooling unit with no auxiliary or backup heat heat furnace with or without cooling baseboard Electric heating strips located just the floor usually 120 240 volts A conventional system with more than one or an outdoor heating cooling unit compressor auxiliary or backup heat CT87A is compatible with 2 wire cooling only systems U S Registered Trademark 2002 Honeywell Rights Reserved with CT87B CT87J ROUND THERMOSTAT for installation Carefully unpack your new thermostat rough handling may affect its Save your receipt and identify the following parts CT87 Thermostat Screws two 1 in sheet metal screws two 1 2 in binding head and two 1 4 in round head screws Wallplate CT87A or subbase CT87B CT87J Cover ring select models only Necessary if installing on an box Optional if installing directly on the wall can be used to wall marks These Installation Instructions and the Installation Quick Guide Wiring labels Gather these tools Tools Flat blade Spirit level Tools Hand or power drill with 1 16 in drill bit Wire cutter stripper or sharp knife Pencil the old thermostat Turn off power to the heating cooling system at the main fuse circuit Remove the cover of your old thermostat You may need to unscrew Locate the heat anticipator adjustment scale and lever on the old panel cover if it is locked on Fig 1 1 Mercury switch location THERMOSTAT LOCATION OF A SWITCH IN THERMOSTAT the box below record the that the adjustment lever to This is the current amp of your heating system setting you cannot find the heat setting on the old you can use a setting for your type of when you reach Step 8 of installation Unscrew and remove the old thermostat wallplate from the wall but not disconnect the wires Label the wires using the wiring that came with the CT87 each wire using the letter the terminal on the old thermo Fig 2 Do not label the wires color Disconnect the wires from the old and wrap them around pencil to keep them from falling into the wall Fig 3 NOTICE ROUND THERMOSTAT 2 Labeling wires 3 Wrapping wires THROUGH OPENING this thermostat is replacing a that contains mercury in a tube do not place your old in the trash Contact your waste management authority instructions regarding recycling and the proper disposal of this or of an old control containing mercury in a sealed tube the cover ring and wallplate or subbase installing on the wall to Fig 4 as you work 4 Installing wallplate subbase on the wall wallplate shown RING 4 X 1 INCH METAL SCREWS 2 OPENING ROUND THERMOSTAT using the cover ring Position the cover ring against the wall so the arrow in the middle of the cover ring is pointing up Position the wallplate or subbase using cover ring Place the wallplate subbase over the cover Rotate the wallplate subbase until the wiring openings are and the two screw holes on the left and right side of the align with the screw holes on the cover ring will be inserting screws through these holes into the wall attaching wallplate directly to the wall Position so that the indicator on the wallplate is on top attaching subbase directly to the wall Position so that the and heating cooling switches are on the top Use a pencil to mark the center of the screw holes on the left and sides of the wallplate or subbase Remove the wallplate subbase and cover ring and drill two 1 16 in at the locations you marked Reposition the cover ring if used and wallplate subbase over the pull the wires through the wiring opening and loosely insert two 1 in screws into the drilled holes installing on an outlet box to Fig 5 as you work 5 Installing wallplate subbase on an outlet box subbase shown IN BINDING SCREW 2 BOX RING IN 2 HOLE TWO INNER HOLES ARE USED WITH WALLPLATE IF OUTLET BOX IS HORIZONTAL MOUNT COVER RING IN SHOWN BUT FASTEN WITH SCREWS THROUGH A ROUND THERMOSTAT Place the cover ring against the outlet box so that the arrow in the of the cover ring is pointing up Pull the wires through the wiring hole on the bottom left side of the ring Align the screw slots on the cover ring with the outlet box screw and attach the cover ring to the outlet box with two 1 2 in Place the wallplate or subbase over the cover ring so that the wiring line up and pull the wires through Loosely attach the wallplate subbase to the cover ring with two 1 4 screws through the screw holes on the left and right sides of the the wallplate or subbase The wallplate subbase must be level to maintain accu thermostat temperature Rotate the wallplate subbase until level as shown in Fig 6 level the subbase use the leveling posts directly below the Heat Fan indicators 6 Leveling the wallplate 2 FOR Tighten the mounting screws after making sure that the wallplate or is level ROUND THERMOSTAT the thermostat Use the wiring cross reference table below to match each old wire with its corresponding terminal on the CT87 wallplate subbase See Fig 8 through 13 wiring diagrams Cross reference to to to Label RH 4 V R W1 H Y1 M F Fig 13 Fig 9 attach wires to both the B and O terminals Strip the wire insulation as needed to fit the wires underneath the ter screws Fig 7 7 Fitting wires under the terminal screws STRAIGHT 5 16 in 8 mm WRAPAROUND 7 16 in 11 mm Loosen the terminal screws and slip each wire beneath its matching Securely tighten the terminal screws Push any excess wire back into the wall ROUND THERMOSTAT 8 CT87A for a 2 wire heating only system WALLPLATE 9 CT87A for a 3 wire hot water heating only system WALLPLATE LABELS ORIGINAL WATER VALVE SUBBASE 10 CT87B for a 4 wire heating cooling system E A T G RH TO RC ROUND THERMOSTAT 11 CT87B for a 5 wire heating cooling system 12 CT87J for a 4 wire single stage heat pump E A T G E A T G W TO Y 13 CT87J for 4 wire single stage heat pump E A T

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