Honeywell VISTA-20P User Manual

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VISTA SERIES VISTA 20PSIA VISTA 15PSIA Systems Guide 12 08 Rev C Security Systems 800 457 1999firealarmresources com INTRUSION PROTECTION proper intrusion coverage sensors should be located at every possible point of to a home or commercial premises This would include any skylights that may present and the upper windows in a multi level building addition we recommend that radio backup be used in a security system so that signals can still be sent to the Central Monitoring Station in the event that the lines are out of order alarm signals are normally sent over the phone WARNING FIRE DETECTION warning fire detection is important in a home Smoke and heat detectors have a key role in reducing fire deaths in the United States With regard to the and placement of smoke heat detectors we subscribe contained in the National Fire Protection Association National Alarm Code NFPA 72 These recommendations can be found on page 47 of manual COMPATIBILITY NOTICE Honeywell security system is designed for use with devices manufactured or by Honeywell for use with your security system Your Honeywell security is not designed for use with any device that may be attached to your system keypad or other communicating bus if Honeywell has not such device for use with your security system Use of any such device may cause damage or compromise the performance of your system and affect the validity of your Honeywell limited warranty When you devices that have been manufactured or approved by Honeywell you the assurance that these devices have been thoroughly tested to ensure performance when used with your Honeywell security system This Manual manual is a step by step guide that will acquaint you with the system features benefits It defines the components and their functions describes their and provides clear step by step instructions for normal and emergency Keep this manual in a convenient place so that you can refer to it as 2 Security Systems 800 457 1999firealarmresources com of Contents Overview 5 5 Basics 5 the Voice Message Center 7 The Keypads 8 Information 8 Display Keypad 10 of the Keypads 11 Delays 14 Delay 14 Delay 14 Alarms 15 For Open Zones 16 the Key to Display and Announce System Status 16 the System 17 Mode Arms Perimeter Only Entry Delay On 17 Mode Arms Perimeter Only Plus Selected Zones 17 Mode Arms Perimeter Only Entry Delay Off 17 Mode Arms Entire System Entry Delay On 17 Mode Arms Entire System Entry Delay Off 17 Commands 18 Button Arming 19 Button Arming 19 20 the Keyswitch 20 and Silencing Alarms 21 the OFF key 21 Protection Zones 22 the BYPASS Key 22 Bypass 23 Mode 24 the Chime Mode 24 the Voice Chime 24 and Time 25 the Current Date and Time 25 the Date and Time 25 Keys 26 Panic Keys 26 3 Security Systems 800 457 1999firealarmresources com of Contents continued Key Programming Usage 27 Macro Keys 27 of Macro Programming 28 a Programmed Macro Key 28 Device Commands 29 Feature 30 Automatic Paging 30 Manual Paging 31 Key Paging 31 Codes Authority Levels 32 Security Codes

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