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to 10 100BASE TX POE INJECTOR MEDIA CONVERTER 27 21 29 SPECIFICATIONS 1 GENERAL SUMMARY 100Base FX to 10 100Base TX PoE Media Converter SECTION INCLUDES MC100FX TX PoE 100Base FX to 10 100Base TX PoE Media Converter Standalone REFERENCES Federal Communications Commission FCC European Union Compliance CE SYSTEM DESCRIPTION Performance Requirements Provide 1 100Base FX optical multimode port and 1 10 100Base TX copper port IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet Injector System shall utilize 1310nm optics capable of bi directional data transmission of 100Mbps on two optical fibers system shall utilize EIA568 category 5 5e 4 pair cables for 10Base T or 100Base TX to transfer data and 48V DC power simultaneously SUBMITTALS Manufacturer Installation and Operating Manual Printed installation and operating information for the PoE Warranty Manufacturer Printed Warranty DELIVERY STORAGE AND HANDLING Store in original packaging in a climate controlled environment Storage Temperature not to exceed 20 C to 70 C PROJECT SITE CONDITIONS Temperature Requirements Product shall operate in an environment with an ambient temperature range of to 50 without the assistance of fan forced cooling Humidity Requirements Products shall operate in an environment with relative humidity of 5 to 90 WARRANTY 1 of 5 2010 Standard GE Security Inc Comprehensive Warranty GE Security warrants the product to be free of factory under manufacture 3 Years Warranty 2 PRODUCTS MANUFACTURER Acceptable Manufacturer GE Security Inc 8985 Town Center Parkway Bradenton FL 34202 5129 Phone 1 888 437 3287 Email gesecurity customerservice ge com Substitutions Not Permitted MANUFACTURED UNITS Model Number Descriptions Reference Table A Product Number Descriptions Model Compatibility Chart Reference Table B Product Compatibility Chart GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS The 100Base FX to 10 100Base TX PoE Media Converter shall be a MC100FX TX PoE module The module shall comply with IEEE 802.3u 100Base FX The module shall support the Ethernet data IEEE 802.3 802.3u 10 100Base TX protocol using Auto negotiating Auto MDI MDI X features The module shall comply with IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet PSE Power Source Equipment The module features one fixed 10 100TX electrical ports in a compact mini box port printed with DC functions as PoE Data and Power output The module is also the power injectors which transmit DC Voltage to the Cat5 5e cable and transfer data and simultaneously to PoE PD Powered Device The module shall Auto detect of PoE IEEE 802.3af PD equipment protect devices from being damaged by installation The module shall support UTP distance up to 100 meters The module shall provide power fiber port status copper port status and PoE in use status indicating LED for module shall support the transmission of up to 2 channels of 100 Mbps over a multimode fiber proper system operation The module shall equip with an AC DC adapter with DC 48V input The module shall inject this DC power into the pin of the twisted pair cable pair 1 2 and pair 3 6 DATA SPECIFICATIONS Data Interface Ethernet IEEE802 u Data Rate 10 100 Mbps Data Inputs 2 Operation Mode Duplex 2 of 5 2010 OPTICAL SPECIFICATIONS GE Security Model Number MC100FX to 10 100TX PoE Media Converter Optical Fiber 62.5 125 micron multimode Number of Optical ports 1 Number of Fibers Required 2 Optical Wavelength 1310nm Optical Power Budget 10dB Maximum Distance 1.2 miles 2km the device is powered STATUS INDICATORS System Color Green Color 10 100Base TX Port 100Base FX SC Port Color Green Indicate that the Media Converter is actively sending or receiving data over Green in Green Off port that the port is link up that the port is link down that the port is providing 48VDC to remote powered device that the port is not providing 48VDC to remote powered device Indicate that the Media Converter is actively sending or receiving data over port that the port is link up that the port is link down CONNECTORS Power DC plug female Optical SC Data DC Port RJ 45 ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS Power Adapter Voltage Range 100 240VAC Voltage 48VDC 0.38A The PoE Media Converter Voltage 48VDC MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONS Surface Mount Dimensions WxDxH 3.82 x 2.76 x 1.02 97x 70 x 26mm 3 of 5 2010 Finish Module shall be constructed of a metal enclosure Weight 0.44lbs 200g ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIFICATIONS MTBF 50,000 Hours Operating Temp 0 C to 50 C Storage Temp 20 C to 70 C Relative Humidity 5 to 90 non condensing REGULATORY AGENCIES APPROVALS AND LISTINGS Federal Communications Commission FCC Part 15 Class A European Union Compliance CE with following standard EN 55022 2006 Class A EN61000 3 2 2006 EN61000 3 3 A2 2005 EN 55024 A2 2003 ACCESSORIES AC to DC Power Adapter x1 Power cord x 1 UK AU AG IR and SW only 3 EXECUTION PREPARATION Standalone Module Surface Mount Shall be mounted on a properly prepared surface adequate for the size and weight of module The of the unit shall allow provision for cable installation and maintenance as indicated on the detail drawings and in compliance with the installation manual Caution NEVER look into the end of an active optical fiber when using laser light output Eye damage can Wear eye protection when cleaving terminating and splicing fiber The number and type multimode of optical fiber shall meet the requirement of the GE Security model Optical Fibers All optical fiber cables shall be properly installed and terminated with the mating optical connectors The optical connector on cable shall be cleaned in compliance to optical connector manufactures and covered with dust caps until connection to the fiber optic module INSTALLATION General Locate PoE Media Converter module as indicated on the approved detail drawings and install module 4 of 5 2010 compliance with the GE Security User manual TESTING Testing the 10 100TX Fast Ethernet Copper Link Verify that the data leads and UTP ports are properly connected Make sure that power is applied to the PoE Injector module or other equipment used in the system Successful data link operation should be confirmed at this point by communicating with other equipment Testing the 10 100TX PoE Copper output capability CLEANING Follow all instructions for proper use of solvents and adhesives used for termination and splicing At completion of the installation dispose of the fiber scrap properly to 10 100Base TX PoE Injector Media DISTANCE feet 100M electrical Miles 2KM optical Maximum distance is limited to optical loss of the fiber and any additional loss by connectors splices and patch UNITS REFERENCE TABLES A Product Number Descriptions Series B Product Compatibility Chart to 10 100Base TX Media Converter Ethernet Equipment 802.3u Fast Ethernet standard for 10 100TX and protocol 802.3af Power over Ethernet PD OF SECTION 5 of 5 2010

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