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I A Series 600 Series Universal Controller I A Series UNC 600 Universal Network Controller is a compact PC processor platform with a hard disk for backup It provides control supervision and network solutions for a network of or Invensys NETWORK 8000 or controllers for building control When connected an Ethernet network the UNC 600 series can to BACnet devices or systems and data between LONWORKS BACnet and systems A complete set of Java based application logging and user interface are included in a library The UNC 600 21 a Web User Interface Service In this the system graphical views can be using any standard Web browser such as Communicator or Microsoft Internet designed for mechanical room factory and other harsh environments the UNC 600 can be wall mounted or enclosure mounted on location requirements a small building application a single UNC can be to support a network of BACnet LONWORKS or devices that can be accessed directly over Ethernet LAN or remotely over the Internet or via modem optional relational database for the offers full archive database management for logging alarming and operator data in U S A 11 02 UNC 600 2 N UNC 600 21 N LONWORKS and BACnet communications High Performance Intel or AMD Microprocessor Distributes real time control functions across an LAN Cost effective for any size installation Provides alarming logging scheduling control and HVAC applications Multiple UNC 600 stations can be used in a large system configuration offering true peer to peer and full application sharing Password protected access Can be configured with Web User Interface services support many simultaneous users over Intranet or via standard Web browser Building Systems Clifford Avenue Box 2940 Park IL 61132 2940 Model Chart Supply standard 10 100 Mbit Ethernet port 2 RS 232 ports 1 LONWORKS port with 126 devices max LON Tunnel service BACnet driver Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 with Microsoft VM Niagara Engine with Web browser includes Browser support for interface 10 100 Mbit Ethernet port 2 RS 232 ports 1 LONWORKS port with 126 devices max LON Tunnel service BACnet driver Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 with Microsoft VM Niagara Engine speed Intel or AMD CPU 550 MHz or greater MB RAM or greater 3 GB IDE hard drive standard clock 10 100 mbit Ethernet port RJ 45 connection LONWORKS port 78.8 K baud FTT 10 with connector RS 232 serial ports System version of Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack full desktop version available as option UNC 600 UPG Java Virtual Machine Control Engine Software with BACnet and support UNC 600 21 108 to 132 Vac 1.25 Amps to 63 Hz UNC 600 21 N 180 230 Vac 0.75 47 to 63 Hz Heavy duty steel chassis Internal fan forced air 6 13 16 172 mm W x 7 9 16 192 mm x 10 1 16 256 mm D Net 9.9 lbs 4.5 kg Gross 13.9 lbs 6.3 kg to 35 temperature range 32 to 95 Temperature range 32 to 158 0 to 70 humidity range 5 to 95 non condensing Listings 916 CSA Canadian Standards C22.2 no 205 M Signaling Equipment CE FCC part 15 Class A UNC 600 2 N and UNC 600 21 N only All options are factory installed V90 internal modem 56kbps option requires upgrade to full Windows NT Operating system upgrade to full NT Database service for UNC 600 21 N local archival of trends and other data Isolated RS 485 internal adaptor card Modbus device support Isolated RS 485 internal adaptor card ASD device support Isolated RS 485 internal adaptor card MicroSmart device support Drivers DMS device driver includes tunnel for OPRIF NETWORK 8000 device driver tunnel support for XPSI ASD device driver direct ASD bus Requires UNC 600 ASD isolated RS 485 adaptor card MicroSmart device driver direct bus support Requires UNC 600 MS RS 485 internal adaptor card Modbus device driver direct Modbus Verify compatability to vendor Modbus Modbus slave device driver UNC acts as Modbus slave using RTU protocol Modbus device driver Modbus TCP UNC 600 acts as Modbus master using TCP Generic DDE client remote server Support for SNMP Simple Network Protocol User Pro Ethernet TCP IP BACnet XML HTTP RF Link Gas Water RF Link Browser or RS 485 Bus Series Server VAV Series MN 100 200 Controller 150 or S 800 800 Party Controller Control Control Control Copyright 2002 Invensys All rights reserved part of this document may be photocopied or reproduced by any means or to another language without prior written consent of Invensys specifications are nominal and may change as design improvements are Invensys shall not be liable for damages resulting from or misuse of its products I A Series MicroSmart and NETWORK 8000 are trademarks of plc and its subsidiaries and affiliates Framework is a trademark of Tridium Incorporated and Windows NT are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation is a trademark of Netscape Corp and JWorks are trademarks of Wind River Systems Inc is a trademark of Sun Microsystems Inc and LONWORKS are trademarks of Echelon Corporation is a trademark of ASHRAE other trademarks are the property of their respective owners in U S A

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