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Health Care Call System Speakers 6238 6239 Pillow Speakers are used in Call Systems for controlling entertainment and signaling staff the nurse call button places callcord call on the system as on the system and station data sheets Pressing TV button successively turns the on advances the channel and turns it off The adjusts the TV volume effecting nurse call volume sound is produced at the pillow If used with Muting Patient Stations voice com to the individual bed is via the pillow with muting of sound used with Nonmuting Patient Stations voice is provided via the station wall speaker without TV sound the pillow speaker from patient station jack produces an level call cordout Calls can be canceled at the originating by replacing the callcord in jack holding down the CANCEL but on the station when the cord is a cordout call can be Speakers have molded white plastic cases of contemporary with ABS plastic controls in color and an integral for the Alnico speaker micro The television and nurse call are clearly marked with TV nurse symbol respectively to confusion The vinyl insulated is protected against electro discharge and has strain relief both ends A plated spring type bed clip attaches to the cord a white nylon strap The cord in a molded plastic plug an 8 pin connector Case and plug withstand common cleaning agents used for Pillow Speaker Hanger to the back of the Pillow using existing Pillow Speaker The hanger is furnished with metal wall clip and hardware for mount Speaker shall be Jeron Cat made of flame retardant UL rated ABS plastic with contact nurse call and on select buttons and a thumb TV volume control The eight vinyl jacketed cord shall have discharge protection bed clip strain relief at both and an 8 pin universal plug specified Cat 6239 Pillow Speakers identical specifications but hav an additional button for function by the installer shall be pro Speaker Hanger shall be Jeron 6809 with metal wall clip and for wall mounting Data H x W x D x 2.9 x 1.3 in x 7.5 x 3.3 cm 8 ft 2.4 m white vinyl cord discharge ESD protect White flame retardant ABS Nurse CALL button contact volume control Thumbwheel on channel off button contact button Momentary con 6239 only 8 pin plug Molded shell in 5.7 cm round with Alnico 45 Ohm 1 4 watt response 500 to 4500 Hz 6809 Pillow Speaker Hanger x 2 in 5 x 5 cm metal hanger 1.25 x 75 in 3.25 x 2 cm wall clip Jeron Speakers connect to Cat 6223 24 Patient Station IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTIFICATION JERON Electronic Systems Inc cid 132 1743 55 W Rosehill Drive cid 132 Chicago IL 60660 3921 275 1900 cid 132 USA Canada 800 621 1903 cid 132 Fax 773 275 0283 www jeron com cid 132 E mail sales jeron com

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