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Health Care Call System Master Console 6465 6466 Cat 6465 Nurse Master are used in Pro Alert 640 Call Systems to receive display answer calls from remote sta They can also originate calls set room status priorities Three Call Levels ROUTINE ROUTINE and PRIORITY Display of Programmable English Call Messages on Screen Auto Answer Calls with Handset Console TALK Button Master to Master Communications Night Transfer Between Master Ease of Operations with One Select Button for Each Spillproof Membrane Panel User Selectable Group Page and Digital Volume Control Buttons Knobs and Levers Ability to Set Patient Station Levels and Audio Privacy Clear Crisp Two Way Audio with or Console Speaker and Nurse Master Console receives placed from Room Stations controls the two way voice with patient rooms staff locations a call is placed from a Room the room indicator on the Station display flashes call indicator flashes and an alert is sounded multiple calls are placed the priority call will be displayed a full English language message the console LED display panel auto answer the highest priority the attendant can lift the or press the console TALK Any call on the LED field can be answered by press the corresponding room but When selected in either the mode or the direct mode an audio channel for two way voice and the alert tone inhibited answered call may be placed hold when another call is select periods of reduced staff which only report to one Nurse Station may be captured another Nurse Master Station of service at the taken Master Station must be reac from that station non locking calls are canceled when All routine locking priority calls must be canceled the originating station calls can be by pressing the LED field corresponding to the Station being called can page or monitor of up to ten rooms set display room call priority and forwarding Staff Follower tones All call paging is available Nurse Master Console is sturdy and compact Spill membrane control panels embossed touchpoints and easy to read single button LED display panel Cat 6465 Nurse Master Console a handset a console a microphone a single line LCD display panel system control touchpoints eight function indicators continued on next page JERON Electronic Systems Inc cid 132 1743 55 W Rosehill Drive cid 132 Chicago IL 60660 3921 275 1900 cid 132 USA Canada 800 621 1903 cid 132 Fax 773 275 0283 www jeron com cid 132 E mail sales jeron com Master Console 6465 6466 room display and pushbutton is comprised of a fifty point LED and membrane Room number card provided fit inside the panel slots at the top of each clear acrylic lenses protect number fifty point LED display and push panel of the Cat 6465 Nurse Console can be expanded 384 in increments of fifty by use up to seven Cat 6466 Nurse Display Expanders Master Consoles shall be Cat 6465 constructed of high impact ABS plastic shall be equipped with a handset an internal 2.5 in 6.4 moisture resistant loudspeaker electret microphone and spill membrane control panel with embossed touchpoints shall be a one line 16 char LCD panel which shall display English language message for highest priority call placed on system and an ultra bright LED field for fifty rooms Master Stations shall provide distinct audible alert tones three separate call status LED for ROUTINE URGENT EMERGENCY calls Master Station shall provide five MONITOR PAGE buttons for of ten rooms and the fol control buttons SILENCE PUSH TO TALK VOLUME UP VOLUME CALL FORWARDING SYS CAPTURE with Green LED PRIORI NORMAL and ALL CALL Engineer LED indicator shall illu in the event of trouble Master Display Expanders be Jeron Cat 6466 and have room indicators and buttons fifty rooms and five group MONI buttons The Display shall be furnished in sep matching finish consoles The shall accommodate up to 7 Master Display Expanders Data H x W x D x 14.13 x 9.63 in x 36 x 24 cm in 2 866 cm2 desk area x 9.4 x 9.63 in x 24 x 24 cm in 2 584 cm2 desk area Construction flame retardant white ABS Buttons polycarbonate membrane with raised tactile touchpoints life over 1,000,000 operations only molded ABS with mod coilcord only 16 character LCD display ROUTINE call status LED URGENT call status LED EMERGENCY call status LED CALL ENGINEER LED control touchpoints silence push to talk cancel up volume down call for system capture with green priority normal all call only in 6.4 cm moisture resistant 45 Ohm with Alnico microphone Voltage VDC 0.15 A Connections 10 ft 3.9 m plug in cable locking connectors at each jack to connect Cat Programming Keyboard Modular jack with 12 in 30 cable 6465 6.1 lbs 2.8 kg 1069 Listed Standard NO 125 Jeron Cat 6466 Extender Master for 50 capacity expansion seven Cat 6466 Cat 6869 Nurse Master Cable Block Cat 6671 Terminal Block Cat 8880 Punch Block Tool for 6671 SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTIFICATION JERON Electronic Systems Inc cid 132 1743 55 W Rosehill Drive cid 132 Chicago IL 60660 3921 275 1900 cid 132 USA Canada 800 621 1903 cid 132 Fax 773 275 0283 www jeron com cid 132 E mail sales jeron com

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