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Description Geriatric Callcords are used Jeron Nurse Call Systems to pro a means of signaling for assis with only slight hand or body Geriatric Callcords are in hospitals and nursing homes geriatric or pediatric patients feeble or disabled patients for safety in an oxygen environment or for use in hand or body pressure on the places a call on the system as on the system and station data sheets of the callcord from the station produces a cordout which can only be canceled replacing the cord into the jack 6836 Dummy Plug may be into the jack instead of the to preclude a cordout Care Call System Callcord 6879 Callcords have a gray tubing with matching bulb for use in oxygen environments The cord in a molded plastic plug an 8 pin connector A plated metal bed clip attach the callcord to the bed Bulb and plug withstand common cleaning agents Data and Cord ft 1.8 m gray non toxic tubing matching molded air bulb Bulb pressure activated plug molded plastic shell 1069 Listed Standard NO 125 Jeron Callcord Patient Station DIN IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTIFICATION JERON Electronic Systems Inc cid 132 1743 55 W Rosehill Drive cid 132 Chicago IL 60660 3921 275 1900 cid 132 USA Canada 800 621 1903 cid 132 Fax 773 275 0283 www jeron com cid 132 E mail sales jeron com

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