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Health Care Call System PC Software 6893 HK 6893 HKN functionality The web client application remote access over the facility LAN for up to users to view a list of rooms needing cleaning to change the status of a cleaned room to an room For the web functionality the 6893 HK and 6893 HKN must be ordered Requirements Application and or Housekeeping Client OS Windows 2000 Professional Windows XP Professional Server 2003 Windows Vista 40GB free disk space Serial port for pocket page interface 10 100 or better Network card Web Client Desktop browser Internet Explorer FireFox Chrome etc LAN connection to the Housekeeping Application Furnished One 1 Security Key required to run 6893 HK Two 2 CDs 6893 HK 6893 HKN Software Graphic PC display of facility floor showing room status needs cleaned available Pocket page notification of rooms cleaning Simplified web browser view of room Jeron Model 6893 HK software supports the Ready functionality on the 680 Nurse Call System Using Model 6834 H Ready Stations in each patient nursing or transport staff simply press the button to instantly notify that room needs cleaning Once house has cleaned the room they simply press the Ready button to notify nursing and admissions the room is clean and ready to take a new 6893 HK Software consists of the following applica Housekeeping Application Housekeeping Application provides an interface the Jeron system and the Housekeeping Client and Housekeeping Web Client This also initiates pocket page messages to pocket pager indicating the location the room to be cleaned System and device set are configured on the application by the technician Housekeeping Desktop Client Housekeeping Desktop Client provides a graphic of the facility floor plan s where the room is indicated on the floor plan and a list of needing cleaning The different room indica are room needs cleaning red icon room yellow icon available occupied white Floor plans may be uploaded from a prepared file or constructed directly on the application Housekeeping Application and Housekeeping Client can reside on the same computer Model 6893 HKN Networked Housekeeping option web client functionality on top of the 6893 HK JERON Electronic Systems Inc cid 132 1743 55 W Rosehill Drive cid 132 Chicago IL 60660 3921 275 1900 cid 132 USA Canada 800 621 1903 cid 132 Fax 773 275 0283 www jeron com cid 132 E mail sales jeron com SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTIFICATION

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