Cooper Notification Horn – 103dB, Explosion Proof, High Output DB1

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Notification 103dB Explosion Proof High Output range of light weight flameproof horns has been with a high weatherproof rating to cope with the environmental conditions found offshore and onshore the oil gas and petrochemical industries electronic circuitry allows the DB1P and DB1HP to be between two selectable tones by either reversing supply polarity or connecting a second voltage supply higher output DB1 HP is particularly suitable for noisy Listed Class I Div 1 Groups C D I Zone 1 approved 4x IP66 temperature to 158 70 72 compliant wire diode monitored connection for operation supervisory mode to 103 dBA output 10 feet DB1 HP Marine grade alloy to 27 output tones user selectable 24V 48 VDC 110 VAC can be selected remotely two tones may be switched via the external supply on version and Engineers Specifications horns shall be UL Listed for Class I Division 1 Groups C D and Class I Zone 1 hazardous locations The horns be constructed of marine grade alloy with an epoxy paint finish and shall meet NEMA 4x and IP 66 environmental requirements a temperature range of 13 to 158 25 to 70 in hazardous and harsh environments horns shall have 27 user selectable output tones Multiple horns shall be able to operate in synchronization Rated current draw 24 vdc shall not exceed 250 mA for rated sound output of 93 dBA at 10 feet or 700 mA for rated sound output of 100 dBA at 10 feet horns shall be capable of direct surface mounting Due to continuous development of our products specifications and offerings are subject to change without notice in accordance Cooper Wheelock standard terms and conditions Listing Class I Div 1 Groups C D No E187688 approved EExd IIB T3 No Baseefa 02ETEX0207 for DB 1P No Baseefa 02ETEX0209 for DBH P corrosion resistant alloy with stainless steel cover flare paint finish as standard or to customer specification Sound Levels DB1 P 93 86 for 12V DB1 3dB A 10 feet Sound level is dependent upon the tone selec 7.7lb 3.5 Kg approx 12.3lb 5.6 Kg approx User Selectable Tones Temperature to 158 to 70 Protection NEMA 4x IP66 Selection Alt Tones 800 970 Hz at 1 4 sec Sweeping 800 970 Hz at 7 Hz Sweeping 800 970 Hz at 1 Hz Continuous at 2850 Hz Sweeping 2400 2850 Hz at 7 Hz Sweeping 2400 2850 Hz at 1 Hz Slow Whoop Sweep 1200 500 Hz at 1 Hz Alt Tones 2400 2850 Hz at 2 Hz Int Tones of 970 Hz at 1 Hz Alt Tones 800 970 Hz at 7 8 Hz Int Tone at 2850 Hz at 1 Hz 970 Hz at 1 4 sec on 1 sec off Continuous at 970 Hz 554 Hz for 0.1S 440 Hz for 0.1S 660 Hz 150 mS on 150 mS off 660 Hz 1.8 sec on 1.8 sec off 660 Hz 6.5 sec on 13 sec off Continuous 660 Hz Alt 554 440 Hz at 1 Hz Sweep 800 970 Hz at 50 Hz Sweep 2400 2850 Hz at 50 Hz 3x970 Hz pulses 0.5 off 1.5 off 3x2850z pulses 0.5 on 0.5 off 1.5 off 660 Hz at 7 8 Hz 2850 Hz 150 mS on 100 mS off 3100 Hz 0.3 sec on 0.7 sec off Stage 4 wire diode monitored connection on board diode allows unit to be in supervisory mode when monitoring line in reverse polarity Stage Switchable unit available in DC versions only either by Reversing the polarity of the supply or By a 3 wire common ve system switching between the ve lines and tag labels optional to 3 x 1 2 or 3 4 NPT to 8 x 12AWG DB1H P DIMENSIONS IN BRACK Options following code is designed to help in the selection of the unit Build up the reference number by inserting the for each component into the appropriate box Type ULA Entries Labels Tag Label Features Voltage d c d c d c DB1 P only 048 a c NPT NPT position with entry code C1C3 20mm left and entries Labels Code specify specify required specify Models 109206 001 Multitone 93dBA 24 VDC Red finish DB1HPULA024D1D2NNNR 109206 002 Multitone 100dBA 24 VDC Red finish Number Code ENCOURAGE AND SUPPORT NICET CERTIFICATION YEAR WARRANTY 02 08 Location Branchport Ave Branch NJ 07740 800 631 2148 732 222 8707 Location Commerce Ct FL 34243 941 487 2300 941 487 2389 Notification is Location 877 459 7726 703 294 6560

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